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  • Jack The Ripper Book Summary

    "The Complete Jack the Ripper" "The Complete Jack the Ripper" by Donald Rumbelow is an in-depth book that looks at the theories', murders, and suspects. of Jack the Ripper and the crimes that were committed in Whitechapel. He even looked at the more unlikely suspects very thoroughly. It was originally published in 1975 but has been revised since then. Donald Rumbelow was an London policeman and a crime historian. He is also a tour guide on the Jack the Ripper Walk in London. He has several…

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  • Serial Killer Logos

    Reading the article “The Traits and Thrill of a Serial Killer” by Urmosne Gabriella Simon was very eye catching and thought out. The author describes how killers develop, how they act, and ways they kill. The reason the article was eye catching was because of its great use of logos, ethos, and pathos. The author was able to use logos by using real serial killers, ethos by providing sources, and pathos by putting information that made readers feel bad and understand killers. The article…

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  • Emily Dickinson's Life Influence Her Poetry

    Dickinson’s life influenced her poetry to a great extent. The things she experienced and the situations that drove her into seclusion so that she can write shaped her poetry. Her style has influenced other great poets of her time and has also affected American literature. Her life influenced her style and dictation and also was used to express her feelings. The themes of Death, Love, and Friendship can be also seen in her poems because they were impacted by the people in her life. Many people in…

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  • Serial Killers Vs Psychology

    Nothing wrecks human beings more than psychology. Now a days, there is a diagnosis for anything we could imagine. It’s almost an excuse for our actions. Serial killers, or serial murderers, are psychologists favorite test subjects simply because they starve to find a reason why, psychologically of course, they would kill multiple people. Although psychology should not justify our behavior, it is true that it has a huge effect on people, for example, serial killers. There is a trend in these…

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  • Edmund Kemper: Serial Killer

    For my serial killer I chose Edmund Kemper. He is an American serial killer,rapist, necrophile and cannible, who is known for having abducted and murdered several women in the early 1970s in Santa Cruz. He was born in California, on December 18th, 1948. As an American serial killer he was often called “The Co-ed Killer” or “the co-ed butcher.” Some of his background is that he moved to Montana with his mother,Maude, at a young age after his parents separated. Kemper was never that educated and…

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  • Theodore Bundy Stages

    Theodore Robert Bundy (1946-1989) was an American serial killer who was responsible for the kidnap, rape and murder of at least 30 female victims over seven states in the 1970’s. He was put to death by means of the electric chair in Florida on January 24th 1989. Bundy was perceived as handsome and charming, traits that he abused in order to gain the trust of his young victims. He would usually approach his victims in broad daylight simulating injury or…

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  • Consequences In The Tragedy Of Romeo And Juliet

    consequences he received for his actions These also apply to the Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. The choices they made while trying to be together created consequences and eventually destroyed their love and their lives. A prime example of this would be Ted Bundy. Ted Bundy was a serial killer, rapist and necrophile that roamed in the late 1970’s and confessed to at least 30 killings. He specifically targeted women and would take them to his house and kill them, dismember them, and rape them. In…

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  • Characteristics Of Serial Killers

    Serial killers are all different. Now don't confuse serial killers with serial murderers. Some take years planning ways to kill normal citizens whereas some only take minutes. Organized serial killers and disorganized serial killers only have two similarity and one of them happens to be their biggest difference. They all have different tells or the way they leave the corpse of their latest work. Serial murderers are confused with serial killers often. Steve Egger has a few characteristics that…

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  • Case Analysis: The Black Dahlia Murder

    One of the most coldest cases in LAPD history, The Black Dahlia Murder. One of the most gruesome murders. Elizabeth Short’s death is well know but her killer remains a mystery. There are many theories as to who might be her killer but only one adds up to the conclusion. Although many believe that Walter Bayley is the killer, or Robert M. Manley, But the most well known and credible suspect for this case is George Hodel. Short was not killed by Walter Bayley. Bayley had no connections with…

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  • Analysis Of The Psychological Theory: Dennis Radar

    The Psychological Theory best represents the reason Dennis Radar committed the hideous crimes in the town of Wichita, Kansas because he was predestined to be a psychopath, which is the basis of this theory. The theory explains that mental disorders such as Psychopathy can cause an individual to turn towards criminal acts. According to Jack Levin, Ph.D., Dennis Radar is considered a psychopath because “The most essential characteristic of a psychopath is an excessive need for control and power,…

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