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  • First Responder And Emergency Responses

    First responder refers to a person who has been trained in the emergency response field. First responders may have multiple tiers of training, depending on what the requirements are for the services they provide Firefighter is defined as a person who fights fires; spec. a member of a fire service trained to extinguish fires and to provide other emergency and rescue services. (firefighter, n." OED Online. Oxford University Press, March 2016. Web. 21 March 2016).Fire fighters work either full or…

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  • Emergency Medical Technician Research Paper

    An emergency medical technician (EMT) quickly wheels a patient into the emergency room. An emergency room surgeon responds immediately, rushing to his aid. The patient’s appendix has ruptured, requiring immediate surgery to prevent the spread of toxins in his body. In the operating room, the surgeon operates skillfully, methodically, and quickly to save the patient’s life. Surgeons literally have the power to save lives. A surgeon performs operations on people who have injuries or who have…

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  • Explain Why I Want To Be A Radiology Technician

    emergency room. Which in turn, set me in front of the person who would change my life forever. I was nineteen and petrified, the people closest to my heart could not calm my fears. My mind was racing; until, I saw a friendly face. The radiology technician had arrived. Things took a turn for the best. I will never forget the genuine care and compassion that I received from her; at a time that I needed it more than anything. Her calm, reassuring attitude was contagious. She had the opportunity…

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  • Prosthetic Application Research Paper

    There are many professions in which I have been looking into for a career. I originally attended Carroll College in hopes of getting a degree in biology, taking the Medical College Admissions Test applying at a few medical schools and hopefully be accepted at the University of Washington. Much has changed in my life since my freshman year, and so have my aspirations. My motives are still the same as they were when I first came to Carroll; I still want to go into the medical field in order to…

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  • Beliefs And Values Of Joalexis's Philosophy Of Nursing

    requirements in order to attend medicine school. While in school I was working at Walmart, it was a decent job. However, my passion to work on the healthcare field, made me put my pre-medicine studies to a standby, and enrolled in an emergency medical technician program. Upon completion of the EMT program, I obtained a Florida EMT license. Later that year, I started working for Florida…

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  • Statement Of Purpose To Become A Biomedical Equipment Technician

    My dream is to become a Biomedical Equipment Technician. To make this done, a competent institution and the right degree major would enable me to meet my goals. Thus, explaining the need for me to pursue pre-pharmacy biology at the University of Charleston. The major’s significance is to enable me to gain apt knowledge and skills in the field, and along with my passion for it, I can exercise proper service provision within my environment. Considering that University of Charleston’s is based on…

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  • Firefighting Narrative Report

    The quiet morning of Friday, Oct. 28 yielded a good time for a few American heroes to properly train cadets from the Blythe Area. Proudly serving in Quartzsite, Captain Aaron Martinez, firefighters Joe Sain and William Aaron taught cadets Angelo Urias and Dorita Castro essential skills for being a public safety professional. Firefighting, a dangerous process of extinguishing fire and providing adequate medical assistance in some cases, is a demanding field that few are brave enough to sign up…

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  • EMT-Paramedics

    Answer: Paramedics are required to become certified. There are well-defined levels of training - EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate, EMT-Paramedic. Question: Where is that education/training available? Answer: A standard basic training program is taught in hospitals, community colleges, and police, fire and health department. Upon completion of basic training certification and/or licensing is required. Question: Give a general plan for your completion of that education/training Answer: I…

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  • Reflective Essay: My Experience In The Emergency Department

    My experience in the emergency department at Legacy Salmon Creek during my paramedic education gave me insight to the patients I hope to eventually serve. During this experience, I got the opportunity to help patients suffering from life-threatening illnesses. However, the majority of the patients I worked with did not have emergent conditions. I realized that many patients visited the emergency department because they did not have access to affordable health insurance for preventative care.…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience In Emergency Medical Training

    we wore our helmets, checked for gloves, and hopped on our bikes to an apartment off-campus Temple University. Matt was a Field Training Officer at Temple University Emergency Medical Services who had years of experience as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Yana, another EMT on shift had a few months of experience. However, it was my first call as an EMT preceptee. A student had tried to slit her wrists. “We can handle this,” Matt said as he saw my tense face. We rode swiftly and managed to…

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