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  • Pharmacist Reflective Report

    a pharmacy technician, I made the mistake of giving the wrong prescription. However, I took the initiative to own to my mistake when it was brought up to me. Since then, I have not made the same mistake again. I make sure to always verify each and every single patient that comes and pick up their medication to make sure they get the correct medication. Leadership skill is very important when it comes to being a pharmacist since the pharmacist must be able to supervise the technicians and…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career In Hospitals

    Many other volunteers don’t have this opportunity because they aren’t licensed. Volunteers usually are stuck watching for several hours. I am able to touch medicine and do what a pharmacy technician does. The only thing that I am not allowed to do is to fill IV prescripttions. Usually, Pharmacy Techs are allowed to calculate and measure medicines into IV’s that are given to specific patients. Because I am a volunteer, I am not allowed to do…

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  • Hvac Technician Research Paper

    HVAC Technicians What is the importance of an HVAC technician? There are two reasons I chose this research topic, one of which being that throughout my High School career I have tried to place myself in as many different job fields as possible, or in as many different types of classes as possible.I have taken principles of business, which I may not have liked because we really did not have a teacher since he left at the beginning of the semester.I have taken drafting which was a great experience…

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  • Medical Laboratory Technician Essay

    For my future occupation I have decided that I want to become a Medical Laboratory Technician or MLT for short. Most people that work in this field work in the laboratory of a hospital, however, you can also work in medical researching facilities and doctor’s offices as well with this degree. This job requires you to “collect samples and perform tests to analyze body fluids, tissue, and other substances.” By doing these steps you will be able to figure out what bacteria or other microbodies are…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Veterinary Assistant

    For example, a vet assistant is similar to a zoo technician but the difference between the two is that zoo technician's work environment is at zoos and around zoo animals while a vet assistant deals with companion animals. Also people don’t just save animals but animals as save us. In the article, “Hero…

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  • Career Essay On Ultrasound Technician

    am interesting in becoming an ultrasound technician because it sounds like an easy job, that wouldn’t be too stressful. It is also a job that you wouldn’t have to worry about when you go home, your day ends when you get off work. The job pays well but when I have done a little bit of research on it before it has said that it depends on where you work, if you work in a hospital or an office. I don’t know much about being or becoming an ultrasound technician but I know they get paid somewhere…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Nuclear Pharmacists

    skills than pharmacists of other settings. Those skills include management, leadership, business, communication, and people skills. Management and leadership skills are needed because retail pharmacists have to run the pharmacy and oversee the technicians at the same time. Business skills are needed for running payment transactions and ordering drug from manufacturers. Communication skills are needed because pharmacists have to contact the patients and doctors personally in regards to drugs and…

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  • Becoming A Veterinarian Essay

    I would like to become a Veterinarian because I love animals and done had pets since I was young and have taken care of them the best I knew how. “It’s better to love the animlas than to hurt them, animals’ are family too”.When people get to a point where their applying for a job career in animal care your boss will want to know have you worked with animals before.The veterinarians are finding themselves in a working relationship with animals, that help both while improving the care of the…

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  • Tractor Technician Essay

    Tractor Mechanic A tractor tech must have a degree in some type of automobile mechanic school , it can take you up to 2 years or less , or more if you’re not smart , it can take you as low as 10 months if your up. A good college to attend for this career is the agriculturalagriculteral equipment school. This job requires good work with hands , must be able to lift at least 100 pounds max , you must be able to climb , work fast and at a paste , and safe. The annualanual salary rate is up…

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  • A Career As A Forensic Science Technician

    see forensic science technicians as some really cool crime scene investigators, but there is so much more to it. Forensic science technicians are crime scene investigators, but they also work in laboratories to analyze any evidence that they have collected at the scene of the crime. They also collaborate with scientists in a other fields, such as toxicologists who will isolate and identify any substances in the body that have contributed to the crime. Forensic science technicians have a…

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