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  • Persuasive Essay On Becoming A Firefighter

    Jeremiah Gorham Mrs. Kemmer Language Arts 3B Period 1 4 February 2015 Black smoke rises high into the sky. The wailing of sirens can be heard throughout the neighborhood. Dozens rushed down the street to the site of the fire. Men and women are pulled from the blaze while many watch in shock. The powerful hoses soon douse the flames. The surrounding crowd applauses and cheers for the heroic few. It was at this moment when I had decided that was what I wanted: to become a firefighter. To help…

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  • Personal Essay About My Autobiography

    Growing up in the small town of Tappahannock, Virginia, I figure I learned to read and write just as most other kids would have. I have early memories of my mother and my father teaching me how to write my own name and how to read small sections of children’s books. I experienced a normal childhood for the most part, and learned how to read and write just as all the other young boys and girls in school, but I don’t feel I became literate until later on in my life. My father being a…

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  • Example Of Narrative Essay On Kfc

    “Don 't you dare come any closer!” said a corpulent man, holding a broken piece of glass that was on the floor. Adam Corcuera and Steven Blackwell were the first paramedics to the KFC and were trying to tend to the stab victim on the floor but this bellicose individual would not let them. So the paramedics had no choice but to wait for the police to show up. While they were waiting Adam was staring at the stab victim and knew he only had minutes to live if he did not get immediate medical…

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  • Primary Care Observation

    I am currently employed as a Primary Care Paramedic by BC Ambulance service. I 'm writing anonymously with the aid of my coworkers to discuss concerns about working conditions as a part-time employee. There have been some interest in the public recently* regarding response times of ambulance paramedics to 911 calls, including some on the mainland which resulted in death*. In both of these circumstances, paramedics were blamed for not responding promptly. As a result, we are now being very…

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  • Personal Narrative: Working Hard To Become A Certified Pharmacy Technician

    I'm currently a students at fortis collage who has finally made it to extern after 8 months of working hard to become a Certified Pharmacy Technician . During the beginning of my first week of extern everything was going smoothly, I received compliments on how fast I moved while filling prescriptions, and how I get all of my prescriptions done, which doesn't happen often in a busy environment . Friday comes and I asked Mr. Joe if I could come one day during the weekend to put in extra time .…

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  • Linh Nguyen: My Favorite Nail Technician In Richmond, Virginia

    Linh Nguyen is my favorite nail technician in Richmond, Virginia. She goes by the American name of “Tina” which she selected. Tina was born and raised in Vietnam. Her family members migrated to the United States over the course of her life. To migrate to this country legally takes a long time as well as a lot of money. Some of her family settled in Virginia and worked in a nail salon to earn a living. Linh Nguyen, whom I will call Tina, eventually came to the country at the age of 20.…

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  • Limitations Of Troubleshooting

    The limitations that troubleshooting and repair process can have in an organisation is cost, time allocation, access to building, data security and the skill set of technicians. These can cause the troubleshooting and repair process to become disorganized and start to be a bigger problem for the company than intended, in this unit I will explain the problems that can occur. IT mean Information Technology. Cost (budget) If the company decides to put a budget on the IT (information technology)…

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  • Safelite Installers Case Study

    productivity of the Safelite installers (technicians) was low for a number of reasons. One of the reasons was directly in the employees control; however, many of these reasons were out of their hands. According to Performance Pay at Safelite Auto Glass, the following inhibited productivity: • Work ethic—The technicians were not trying very hard. One of the managers stated that “some technicians spent too much time playing pinochle” (Hall, 2001). The technicians lacked motivation. After…

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  • Career Interview Essay

    For my Career Interview Essay, I interview a family friend Cody Walton. Cody is an x-ray technician at the Salmon Steel Memorial Hospital. Cody has been an x-ray technician for 8 ½ years. When he was first interested in becoming an x-ray technician they were really high in demand. He says that to this career choice is still in demand and it isn’t going anywhere. He thinks that in the future this career will stay in high demand because it isn’t very many people are familiar with in and because…

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  • Radiologist Career Essay

    diagnostic radiologist? Methods I began my research by first asking Google questions that I always have for radiologists. For example, is the field of radiology a great field to work in? Does the job ever get boring? Would you (the radiologist technician), recommend this job? After asking these questions, I began to think, an actual radiologist would be perfect to answer my questions. Thus beginning my search for a radiologist. But alas, I couldn’t find a…

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