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  • Reflective Essay: My Role As Anesthesia Technician

    I believe that being calm in any situation help make you take better decisions. I am employed in the healthcare field as an anesthesia technician and it is very demanding and stressful position Having to deal with doctors, nurses, and relatives taught me a valuable lesson in staying composed, immune from the verbal abuses from some patient’ s relatives and constant orders from physicians whose patience is lacking. Although it is a very hard thing to follow through with, I think it became a…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Time As A Veterinary Technician

    My time as a Veterinary Technician taught me many things. From how to draw shots to how to take x-rays. One of the most common lessons I learned was how to spay a female canine. Although the Veterinarian is the only one allowed to be “hands-in” during surgery, I learned a lot from watching the procedure. Surgery preparations begin the day before. The patient in question is dropped off and spends the night. Vet Techs are busy cleaning and “cooking” surgical tools and cutting drapes. Also,…

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  • Essay On Paramedics

    Communities entrust their health and safety to paramedics when they are in their most vulnerable state, it is for that primary reason paramedics should be subjected to professional registration - to protect the public. Currently, the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (APHRA) is responsible for overseeing the registration requirements of health professionals within Australia (AHPRA, YEAR). AHPRA’s paramount objective is to maintain public safety by ensuring only health…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life As A Cell Site Technician

    As a Cell Site Technician for AT&T, my entire job revolves around creative problem solving. What I do on a daily basis is go out and look for problems in the system. After that, I figure out what caused the problem, and come up with a solution for fixing it. One such case happened just this week. I received a ticket to troubleshoot the cell site in Henry, TN which was dropping calls. Many times, when troubleshooting a cell site, more time is wasted in step one than in any other time in the…

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  • Emergency Medical Service Essay

    p. 1). A paramedic, in most instances, is required to spend a minimum of a year, actively working as an emergency medical technician prior to applying for medic class. An additional six months or more, which can be as in-depth as four years, includes classroom time, vehicle time, and hospital time and required to meet the standards for paramedic training either through a private…

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  • A Comparison Of Anglo-American Systems And Franco-German System

    AAS and FGS: Which is Superior? Anglo-American systems (AAS) and Franco-German systems (FGS) are the two main models for emergency medical services (EMS) that are used internationally. Two countries that have implemented each of these models are the United States and Germany – the United States has implemented the AAS while Germany has implemented the FGS. It is apparent that both systems work, as they have been used for over 40 years, but which one is superior? Although the answer cannot be…

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  • My Reflection On My Experience As A Clinical Assistant

    I remember the disappointment I felt in myself when I was an emergency medical technician and was confronted with a patient who had a breathing problem and my limited therapeutic interventions did not relieve their symptoms. This led me to pursue my paramedic license which eventually directed me to medicine. Like many, I feel a sense…

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  • Registered Nurse Vs Patient Care Technician Essay

    The health care field has a wide variety of jobs in hospitals. Registered nurses and patient care technicians are a few of the vital staff members who assist in the quality care for the patients. They work together as a team which makes them proficient in the care given. There are similarities between these two jobs, but they also have different duties which each play a role to complete the patient’s necessities. Registered nurses are required to complete a two or four-year degree program which…

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  • Case Study 1 Reduction In Assembly Technicians Appropriate

    a. Item I. Appropriate/Inappropriate II. Correct/Incorrect 1 Reduction in assembly technicians Appropriate, as the Westside Division will no longer have to pay these wages. Correct as this is the cost associated with the 40 technicians who will no longer be employed by the Westside Division. 2 Assembly supervisor transferred Inappropriate as the Assembly Supervisor will continue to be employed by the Westside Division for two years. Incorrect, this cost will continue to incur. The amount that…

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  • Why I Want To Be A Veterinarian Technician Essay

    After a couple of more years of teaching I decided to switch to my other work choice of being a Veterinarian Technician because I would get to be home with the kids more often and also I would be able to work with animals which is a good thing because I wouldn’t have to stay at my job for eight plus hours. Where when I was teaching I would have so much homework to…

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