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    I have been developing my worldview for the past 22 years. Every single day I expand my worldview by reading, listening, watching, exploring, and learning. Although I have been expanding my worldview since I was born I have been narrowing down and focusing on my worldview when I entered college. Taking Core IX has helped me stabilize my current worldview. As we study Christian Humanism I find myself aligning more with these values. A Christian Humanist recognizes the inherent dignity in every human being (Rueter 8/22). In my manifesto, I will focus on my whole worldview. A huge portion of my worldview comes from the Core Program. Along with the Core Program my main values are community, forgiveness and love. In this manifesto I will explain why these views are crucial to help me shape my worldview. Before I dive into my values I am going to discuss how the Core Program has developed my worldview. Learning Values from a Liberal Education The Core Program at Saint Joseph’s College has helped me establish my worldview. Core has opened up my mind and has shown me a very different perspective of our world. The journey began back in Core I. One of the first books we read in Core I was the Glass Castle. In reading the Glass Castle it gave me a new vantage point on how families, parenting, and culture are all different. Reading about Jeannette Walls and her family experience helped me realize that people come from all different backgrounds. Core I really opened my eyes when…

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