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  • Copper's Room-Personal Narrative Analysis

    very center of an event that has impacted who I live as today. One small, seemingly insignificant moment that has solidified my resolve to make the best of my situation. The modest, but spacious bedroom smelled of sweet, buttery sugar cookies. TARDIS blue, textured walls contrast well with the smooth, clean, and modern snow white furniture. The clean carpet presents a biscuit hue, and rough texture from age. Distinct sounds of cooking from the kitchen above drifts down the stairs; pots and…

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  • Why Is The Exclusion Clause Enforceable?

    Question 1: Issue: Is the exclusion clause enforceable? Rule: A disclaimer is a statement that one of the parties will not be in breach despite failing to perform one or more of their contractual obligations. Whether a disclaimer is enforceable depends on; 1. Is the disclaimer part of the contract: (1) is it expressly set out in a written contract that has been signed by the parties? (2) It is expressly brought to the attention of the party by reasonable notice given before the contract was…

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  • The Crime Of Monsieur Lange: Film Analysis

    nationalism, for the people, or for the men above him ordering him to fight? And when the smoke clears, how is he held responsible for his actions if they were based on his best judgment at the time? Throughout It was the War of the Trenches, Jacques Tardi portrays the various realities, situations, and decisions of the French soldiers fighting in World War I (WW1); forcing the readers to question the ideals of nationalism as opposed to ideals of humanitarianism. Whilst in The Crime of Monsieur…

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  • Personal Identity In Doctor Who

    Doctor Who tells the story of an alien humanoid who goes by the name of the Doctor. The Doctor is a Time Lord and possess the power to travel through space and time with a machine called TARDIS and the show goes through his adventures traveling through space and time. The interesting part of the show is that the Doctor has died 11 times, but is reincarnated each time with a different personality, yet retains all the memories of the previous versions. Despite having a different personality and…

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  • Analysis Of Communicare By Primo Levi

    In this Essay I will examine the role communication and Language in Primo Levi’s La Tregua and I sommersi e I salvati. Levi writes at length about the importance of communication in the chapter entitled “Comunicare” in I sommersi e i salvati. The knowledge of more than one language and being able to communicate was a vital part of survival in the Nazi concentration camps and in the aftermath of the camps. In relation to language and communication I will discuss the forbiddance of communication…

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