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  • The Real The Bad And The Ugly Analysis

    The Real, the Bad, and the Ugly by Cassie Heidecker is an interesting example of analyzing the reality TV epidemic and in addition to the people that view it. The author starts out by listing things that go into a reality TV production and things that happen in real life in order to state that these are two different things despite the idea that reality TV is supposed to be “real”. The mundanity of real life is emphasised here vs. the idea that reality TV is scripted and has a lot of extra work…

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  • Grey's Anatomy: A Role Model On Young Adults

    Every young adult needs a role model in their lives, someone to look up to and learn from their experiences. Not all role models come from the real world, but rather from television. Teenagers look up to popular television stars as positive influences, and want to be like them. Dr. Meredith Grey from the television series Grey’s Anatomy is a positive influence on young adults because she is self-reliant, shows what a true friendship consists of, and is honest. The show Grey’s Anatomy follows the…

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  • Derek Morgan Character Analysis

    There are tons of television shows to choose from. In TV shows, there are a plethora different characters with varying personalities. When we watch a television show we become inspired or motivated by some of the traits of the characters. Detective Morgan is a character from the show Criminal Minds who is a positive role model because he cares about the people around him, even in a job where it might be easier to simply detach himself from the situation. Derek Morgan is extremely dedicated to…

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  • Reality Shows Case Study

    apprehending criminals. Soon spread to other parts of the world, with its Indian version, known as ‘Indian idol’. Soon more shows followed with different concepts and ideas like the amazing race (2001), fear factor (june 11, 2001) the America’s next top model (may 2003), the apprentice (2004) dancing with the stars (2005) and also like continue the big boss and dancing star still now(…

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  • In Yer Ear Research Paper

    In Yer Ear What does it take to get discovered in the world of entertainment? Over the past few years a popular program has swept across the globe which first debuted in the US. In the summer of 2006 America’s Got Talent hit the airwaves as the stage for anyone who thought they had what it took to compete for a million-dollar prize and stardom. Now there are programs in the United Kingdom, Asia and several European countries which celebrate their cultures and masses of talented individuals.…

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  • Reality Tv Debases Society Analysis

    1. The purpose of this article is to persuade the general public that reality television contributes no practical benefits to our lives and has in fact, created a degenerate and immoral society. 2. This article does have a bias. Jonah Goldberg believes that the only reason why society is in such a degraded state of condition relative to the past is due to the influence of reality television. 3. In the article, Reality Television Debases Society, Goldberg focuses on how “reality-show culture…

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  • Agenda Setting Summary

    This article was interesting to me because it taught me that even minor aspects could have a huge impact on a show and whether it will succeed or tank. I thought it was interesting that the time slot of a show can have a heavy impact on viewers and ratings. Thursday night is a popular night for TV already, ABC has some of their most popular hits such as Grey’s Anatomy which has , NBC has the NFL games, like the article pointed out and Fox now has this family drama to get thrown into the mix.…

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  • Celebrity Obsession Analysis

    Celebrities live in an entirely different world and they summon people’s yearnings to love, admire, copy, and gossip. The public sense a feeling of friendship by the familiar faces we see. The more a person sees certain faces, the more a person’s brain enjoys it. Furthermore, it does not matter if the face is attractive or not, it is known as “the exposure effect.” Individuals have a fixation with status. There are definite human traits that are universally recognized as beautiful such as…

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  • Breaking Bad Analysis

    In this increasingly media-driven society, competition in the entertainment industry to create the next big hit is fierce; it seems as though new shows assault our televisions in a ceaseless stream. Despite this influx of shows, it oftentimes feels as though nothing exceptional is offered to viewers; ideas are simply reused instead of created. Every now and again, however, audiences are wholly captivated by a show with a brilliance that far surpasses its competitors. When thinking of notable…

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  • Who Is Amiyah Scott: The Transgender Model

    The fans of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” are wondering if the reports of Amiyah Scott being added to the cast of the Bravo show are true. Looking to find a replacement for NeNe Leaks, Scott’s name has hit social media as the latest celebrity under consideration for the show. According to TMZ on Monday, if Amiyah Scott is added to the cast of the reality show would be the first transgender on the show. So who is Amiyah Scott? The transgender model is known around the country for her modeling…

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