Tally Youngblood

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  • Uglies Theme

    operation when they turn 16 to be turned from a undereducated ugly, into a beautiful pretty. The main character, Tally, is an average 15 year old girl, who can’t wait to turn pretty and live the pretty life. Two month before she turns pretty, she meets another ugly, Shay, who doesn't want to follow the cities rules and wants to stay ugly forever. As their birthdays near, Shay tries to convince Tally to come with her to Smoke, an outside town where people don’t have to follow the cities…

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  • What Is The Theme Of Uglies By Scott Westerfeld

    society's beauty standards. In Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, Tally Youngblood thinks having supermodel looks are the key to life, but when realizing the hard truth, everything she believed became one big lie. A significant passage of the book occurs when “One new legend towered above all the rest. Maddy had decided that the brain lesions couldn’t be kept a secret anymore; every ugly had the right to know what the operation really entailed. Tally and the others spread the rumor among their city…

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  • The Importance Of Beauty In 'Uglies' By Scott Westerfeld

    show how their world values appearances. The story starts with a protagonist named Tally Youngblood, a fifteen-year-old girl waiting for her sixteenth birthday to receive a cosmetic surgery that she has been waiting for throughout her life. She awaits to transform into a Pretty so that she can conform to the societal standards of beauty and be included in New Pretty Town. However, a journey follows on where Tally realises the downsides to becoming a Pretty. The major argument the story explores…

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  • Literary Analysis Of Uglies By Scott Westerfeld

    parties . This so-called utopia mirrors the society represented in Scott Westerfeld's Uglies, which criticizes both modern-day society as well as envisions the future of the where society will be heading towards. The novel follows the story of Tally Youngblood, a fifteen-year-old “ugly”, desperately waiting for her sixteenth birthday when she will finally undergo the surgery that will transform her into a “pretty.” Westerfield's critiques…

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