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  • Westlake Chemical Corporation Case Study

    Introduction Hostile takeover proposals increased in 2015, worth over 14% of all mergers and acquisitions transactions (Wieczner, 2015). The same trend continued in 2016 as more companies continued to pursue hostile takeover plans. Hostile takeovers occur when corporate managers propose to buy the entire stock of the targeted company at a low price and restructure the company. Through restructuring, most employees lose their jobs and most assets are disposed to make the balance sheet attractive. The share price of the acquired company then rises, and the corporate raiders enjoy higher market value of their new company. Westlake Chemical Corporation’s Hostile Takeover of Axiall Corporation In early 2016, the Houston-based chemical company,…

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  • Imperialism In India And The British Takeover Of India

    1 Imperialism: this one word is used to represent a complicated concept. Imperialism is defined by Dictionary.com as “the extension of an empire over a nation”, essentially one nation taking over another and proceeding to control it. Imperialism has been evident throughout history, and one of the most prominent examples is the British takeover of India. Indian civilization dates back more than five-thousand years (Culture Grams Online Addition Web) and has a history of oligarchies, split…

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  • Analysis Of CEO Narcissism And The Takeover Process

    In the article “CEO Narcissism and the Takeover Process”, the authors noticed that the narcissism could explain the CEOs’ reactions on the takeover process better. Since narcissism is a complete personality trait that could describe the CEOs cognitive skills and behavior better. And the characteristics of narcissists, manipulative and lacking in empathy, could affect the merger negotiations (Nihat Aktas, Eric de Bodt, Helen Bollaert, Richard Roll, 2012). The authors first examined the…

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  • The World War And The Great Communist Takeover

    The Years of the Great War and the Great Communist Takeover The four year span of World War I caused the death of nearly 8 million civilians alone, and left many more handicapped or injured. The Russian Bolshevik takeover started a revolution that Russia is still feeling to this day. Russia’s descending into the communist lifestyle and the overall devastation that came along with World War I jolted the world out of its comfort zone and propelled us into the modern age, whether we were ready for…

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  • Case Study: Staggered Board And Supermajority Provision

    meeting. If the target shareholders elect those candidates, then the new directors can cancel the poison pill and accept the bidder’s offer. To prevent such a coup from happening , about two-third of public companies have a staggered (or classified) board. In a typical staggered board, every director serves a three-year term and the terms are staggered so that only one-third of the directors are up for election each year. Thus, even if the bidder’s candidates win board seats, it will control…

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  • Case Study: Iterature Review Of Xiao Chen

    iterature review of Xiao Chen Merger & acquisition (M&A) is an activity that made by the company to takeover or merge with other companies. Acquisition, also known as a takeover, is the buying of one company (the ‘target’) by another, while a merger is a combination of two companies into one larger company. When company carry out a M&A deal, the manager will provide a rationale of why the company want to carry out a certain M&A deal and an expectation on the synergy and benefit of the M&A deal…

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  • Analysis Of Digital Media Advertising Campaign: Boost To Arby's Brand Awareness

    Digital Media Advertisement Boasts Three Digit Boost to Arby’s Brand Awareness Current lifestyles are so immersed in technology that traditional methods of digital advertising are obsolete and few advertisers are willing to move past them (de Vies, 2013). Research done to gauge the effectiveness of traditional methods shows that banner advertisements and screen takeovers may still be effective to build brand awareness in customers. However, adjustments have to made in order to sway their…

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  • Sanofi-Synthelabo And Aventis Case Study

    - Aventis took the opportunity to criticize Sanofi’s timing of the proposed acquisition, which was just before the release of very promising forecasts of growth and battle about plavix patent - the goal of the takeover was create a strong company, reorganizing it in such a way to reduce costs and to remove overlaps as sanofi CEO said - Unions from both companies were concerned about the detrimental impact on employment that this merger could have. From the unions’ point of view, the…

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  • Walt Disney Productions Case Study

    The company also changed the name from Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio to The Walt Disney Studio and then Walt Disney Productions. In 1984, the attempted takeover of Walt Disney Productions by Saul Steinberg was due to large part to Disney’s…

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  • Conrail Case Study

    already declined by more than 13% in the near past and as such, even the newly issued shares would continue to bear that market risk. On the contrary, Norfolk is giving the payment as all cash which does not bear the market risks and is a better bet in the short term Nullifying the antitakeover statute would not only expose the shareholders to discriminatory prices in the future but would also make it a target of hostile takeover in case the merger with CSX fails due to some reason. As such, I…

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