Supernatural Horror in Literature

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  • The Possibility Of Self-Destruction In The Film A Murder Spree

    Thesis: Are we capable of self-destruction or is there a reason behind our self-destructive nature? In the film; From Hell, the transition of gothic elements are contained within the film and served as part of the plotline and evidence of this thesis. Throughout the film the notorious and mysterious butcher known only as Jack the ripper is claimed to have been an educated man who was believed to have suffered from an undetermined psychological issue that caused him to enact in murder, however,…

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  • Comparing Charles Brockden Brown's The Weiland, Edgar Huntly, And

    to pass the intended message to the society appropriately. Although some people may find it hard to be wooed by his scary choice of the genre, all the religious obsession, murder, and madness as well as suicide has all become part of the American literature. Of all his writings, I consider the Weiland or rather The Transformation to be his masterpiece. I love novels that give me chills as they can captivate my attention, and the relentless dark exploration of deception, guilt, and compulsion in…

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  • Drugs In Victorian Literature Analysis

    stated in the article, “Representations of drugs in 19th-century literature”,…

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  • Horror Movies: Gender Discrimination In Horror

    Joan Gries Eng. Comp. 1001 6/24/16 Gender discrimination in horror: Gender discrimination continues to be a problem, even in today’s society. Even though our values have produced some changes, film makers still seem to regularly allow sexism and prejudice behaviors in their films. Films are quiet the ultimate expressive experience thus far devised by man. Invoking such sensory euphoric experiences that combines visual, audial, and emotions that simply engage us so deeply that perhaps we…

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  • Horror Elements In Dracula

    Dracula as an iconic horror novel The strongest feeling of humans is fear. It exists as one of the primal instincts and as one of the most sophisticated, unknown phenomena. During all human history, fear follows people in the superstitions, dread before the dark, occult rituals. All these elements become an inseparable part of human culture. The so-called gothic literature founded the horror genre’s principles which should be followed in order to create a good horror novel. One of the brightest…

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  • Walpole In Mary Shelley's The Castle Of Otranto

    been informed by its primary position in the Gothic canon, and discussions of Walpole’s text are usually subsumed into a broader analysis of the Gothic genre. This is unsurprising given how expansive the genre has become, including famous works of literature, like Jane Eyre, Dracula and The Bloody Chamber and branching off into sub-genres that include historical, romance, detective and science fiction. Therefore, it is perhaps understandable that current critical attitudes often see Otranto as a…

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  • Archetype Of Dracula

    myths were part of European civilization since the Dark Ages. Science was a new concept and everyone turned to religion or the supernatural to try and make sense of the world around them. It is in Europe, specifically British literature, where the first literary vampire was introduced. In Robert Southey’s 1801 epic poem Thalaba the Destroyer, explores a wide range of supernatural…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Trigger Warning

    We live in a world that is diverse and around people that have issues whether it is mental physical or spiritual. In addition with people that suffered from abuse, domestic violence, and etc. I remeber in high school when my teacher was showing my class a video on the ending results of gun violence and crime at that time my cousin had just passed away and it brought back terrible flashbacks in my mind. Unfortunately I was not warned about what was going to be shown and it did have an negative…

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  • Harriet Beecher Stowe: A Literary Analysis

    The renaissance is often affiliated with the cultural rebirth in Europe during the fourteenth to the seventeenth centuries. However, from the 1830s to the 1850s, the progression of American literature seems to fit this description. Not only did the American Renaissance advance literature, but it also prompted advancements in democratization and individualism. The women of both the American and European renaissance had a remarkable impact on the nation’s progression and the progression of women…

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  • Mary Shelley's Frankenstein: Elements Of Gothic Literature

    Frankenstein, a unique story, at the time that gothic literature had been becoming more and more popular. Gothic literature is a modern genre, Frankenstein is not the first of this. This genre has been around since 1754 and Frankenstein was written in 1817. Gothic does not necessarily mean dark makeup and leather jackets, but more like castles, dungeons, creatures, or a damsel in distress. This genre of literature focuses on supernatural ideas, death, horror, mysterious conditions, or even…

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