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  • Sudoku Research Paper

    SUDOKU: LOGICAL NUMBER PUZZLE DEVOID OF ARITHMETIC 1 MAT 135 Final Paper Strand One - J.D. Thomason Strand One: Historical Significance An examination of the history of the Sudoku puzzle should begin with a clarification of its ancestral roots. Sudoku is commonly mistaken as a derivation of the magic square, in which the sum of every diagonal, row, and column of a grid adds up to the same number. Other than the fact that Sudoku takes place on a grid, this assumption could not be further from the truth. The true ancestor to Sudoku is a combinatorial object known as a Latin square (Delahaye, 2006; Hirst, 2016). A Latin square is a matrix of n 2 cells arranged in a grid with n cells on each side. Such a matrix with n cells on each side is said…

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  • Clonic Injury Case Study

    Doctors at the University of Munich reported a bizarre case of a 25-year-old student that developed clonic seizures in his left arm. The physical education student was buried in an avalanche while on vacation which resulted in his brain being deprived of oxygen for about 15 minutes. The student developed “shock-like contractions” in both the mouth muscles when trying to talk and in his legs when he would try to walk. Weeks later while the student, who is right-handed, was attempting to solve…

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  • Nt1310 Unit 3 Individual Assignment

    Cutting precisely on the lines, making sure I didn’t stray and accidently cut out part of an article, I carefully extracted the Sudoku puzzle from the daily newspaper before my father came to the breakfast table to read it. Then, working as fast as I could, I began deciphering the puzzle, eliminating numbers I knew didn’t belong in a certain box and writing, in tiny print, all the numbers that could potentially fit. Gradually, as the pieces came together, the completed puzzle unfolded. I glanced…

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  • Why Is Homework Important To Me

    My dad is a logic lover, and plays all kinds of puzzles: Sudoku, logic puzzles, jigsaw puzzles… Game books and plastic puzzles can be found everywhere in his study. He spends most of his spare time working on them, and sometimes he is even willing to miss sleep to finish a jigsaw puzzle. My dad also likes to play card games such as 24-point and cribbage. He believes these games exercise his brain and help him keep his thinking sharp. For me, puzzles and cards have always been my toys; I grew up…

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  • Scheduling In The Classroom

    I would give consideration to these two areas as I plan my lesson and instruction. Another consideration I would make is: where the devices and games are coming from. Personally I think bringing in games like Sudoku or Yahtzee are great for problem solving. However, I would be a bit apprehensive when it comes to hand held personal gaming devices. In addition I would need to add in my own rules about the games to ensure that the students are using them as directed and in a way that encourages…

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  • Liberal Arts Critique

    not needed for the definitions, because the speaker only talks about the difference between the two arts to make sure there was not ambiguity in his arguments. This contrasts to the slides where the author is taking a stance. The second slide in the remix contains an image showing the University of Michigan and Michigan State University rivalry. This rivalry is very well understood by residents of Michigan as being a very polarizing argument. With the text of “In constant conflict” the…

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  • Improving Memory And Cognitive Performance Analysis

    aerobic exercise can improve sharpness and speed of thinking process, cognitive reserve in the brain, and also increase volume of the brain too (Svoboda, 2009). In addition, comparison between people who do aerobic exercise and people who do not aerobic exercise demonstrated people who do aerobic exercise have more white and gray matters in their brain, which is the area of brain cells. So, aerobic exercise can increase the amount of brain cells, and these brain cells can be begun cognitive…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Australian Cruise

    Eat as many fruits as you can and bring the vitamin c tablets with you, because of the downs of immunity which are common on the long journeys. Entertainment Cruises can take really long, a good amount of time you will be in the cabin, especially if the weather is bad; so download interesting apps on your smart phone, like online Sudoku game, that will keep you entertained and will help you to kill some time if the weather is bad and you’re stuck in the cabin. As much as we want to exclude and…

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  • Reason 2: Your Career Objective To Obtain Career Success

    high-performance employees to excel in their yearly key performance index enables businesses to keep a competitive edge. This applies in every industry, as no industry is safe from ever-changing conditions in the 21st-century workplace. Essentially, there are two forms of collecting data; either physical or interaction tasks-based. In assessing and validating employees’ cognitive skills and cognitive ability within timed tasks-performance, it uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Trip To Westside 34th Street

    On Friday September 11, 2015 I decided to take the number two (2) train from Prospect to Westside 34th Street, New York. It was 4:00pm and I just got off work and wanted to go to the city for the train ride. I waited approximately 10 minutes for the number 2 train to arrive and 2-4 minutes between every stop before arriving at my destination within 40 minutes. Traveling during rush hours is unappealing as there are frequent delays and the trains are most often crowded. I stood in the middle of…

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