Sudhir Alladi Venkatesh

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  • Sudhir's Workout Summary

    Sudhir Venkatesh is an Indian native who was a student at the University of Chicago beginning a journey studying sociology in the 1980s. Throughout this journey there will be riveting moments I personally did not want to end and some that make me want to stop reading. Sudhir takes the readers throughout the lives of gang members and ones living in poverty to further explore this section of Chicago. Venkatesh starts his excursion in the housing projects of Chicago to complete research on urban poverty and their effects on others. He will soon stumble upon some men who do not welcome him warmly; he has come across the Black Kings. This gang specializes in the distribution of crack and they happen to be a part of the housing project he is…

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  • Stephen J. Dubner's Freakonomics

    matches were other white people. This can show that what they say about themselves is contrasting with what the data shows. In the third chapter Levitt and Dubner talk about drug dealers and starts by defining conventional wisdom. Conventional wisdom is defined by “the ideas, opinions, or understanding that are considered to be generally accepted by the public”. To the authors conventional wisdom is usually wrong. His main argument that talks about the faultiness of conventional…

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  • Summary: The Book That Chose Me

    stays true to the book as the title clearly comes from Sudhhir Venkatesh’s one day experience as being the lead of the notorious gang The Black Kings. After three years of shadowing gang leader J.T., Sudhir grows increasingly curious about what exactly J.T.’s work is and how hard it can be. To give Shudhir an inside into his work J.T. allows him to call the shots for one day introducing him to the difficult decisions J.T. has to make when dealing with his drug dealing gang members, and various…

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  • Homicide And School Shootings

    access. In general, this male practice can be explained by the way males behave. In short, men tend to solve their issues with aggressions. Nonetheless, we live in a society that privileges white men, and anyone else that does not fit the model has to fight in order to be recognized. Therefore, the rest of the men have to prove their manhood, this can perhaps be based on their valor, which can be established by pulling the trigger. On the racial side, in the case of African Americans they have…

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