Subprime lending

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  • Dodd Frank Act Research Paper

    The Dodd-Frank Act and its Consequences for the Financial and Banking System The Great Recession of 2008 brought to light a number of weaknesses in the United States economy that allowed for the stock market crash, housing crisis, and necessitated the bail-out of several important banking companies. In response to the recession and fears of a potential repeat of events, President Barack Obama signed the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act into federal law in 2010. The act brought with it the most…

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  • Bad Credit Mortgage Decision Making

    poor financial rating, it may seem that his dreams of buying his own house are unattainable. However, now, there are many lenders specializing in providing special programs to people with poor score. A poor credit score indicates a higher risk of lending. The interest rates on these programs are therefore exorbitantly high. But these mortgages not only help you buy your own house but also help you in improving your credit rating provided the monthly payments are made on time. How Does Your…

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  • Rollover: The Geography Of The Fringe Banking Industry

    fringe banking industry is thought of, their business still continues to grow. The customers that are able to pay back their loans when they are due generally benefit from their access to short term credit. But the data from borrowers of the payday lending industry show that the majority of the people used their loan to pay for recurring expenses, making the use of these loans risky. The borrowers who are the worst off however, are the people who are unable to pay back their loan on time. This…

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  • Urban Renewal And The Housing Act Of 1949

    Urban Renewal started with the Housing Act of 1949. This program had some goals in mind which all sounded too good to be true. The goals were to eliminate substandard housing, revitalize city economies, construct better housing, and to reduce racial segregation. The way these goals were carried out were trough tearing down areas and then rebuilding them. Federal funds and eminent domain were used to keep this program going. After these areas were cleared then they became available to developers…

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  • Rising Inequality Essay

    Kitan Irukera DSOC Essay 2 The paramount cause of the rising inequality in the United States is the increasing importance and power of money in politics. I subscribes to Stiglitz beliefs concerning the purpose of a democratic government; to protect consumers, sustain favorable market conditions and provide common defense. The average citizen determines what should be considered “favorable market conditions “-not the elites. Income distribution is a product of market conditions, and since…

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  • 1980s Housing Crisis

    money” available for loans so naturally, people took advantage. When they saw the price of housing increase, they wanted in on the action. They took out these cheap loans to try and flip houses and make a living. The housing market peaked in 2006. Subprime loans began to go into default which was the first sign of trouble. Once credit markets froze in the summer of 2007, things deteriorated quickly. Interest rates on corporate and consumer loans flew upwards (Tom DeGrace,…

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  • Payday Loan Solutions: Slaying The Hydra By Benjamin D: Article Analysis

    begins his article by giving a different back-story as to how payday lending or is critiqued. Faller writes his article to focus on the “larger scale” (126) of payday lending because he feels like it affects the nation as a whole and not just one individual. Faller begins to talk about how an individual can become caught up in the payday loaning debt trap. For example, Faller uses his sense of authority to say that “The payday lending…

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  • Payday Loans Research Paper

    cash advances? Here are three chief reasons that alternative money sources, like Payday loans, are becoming the new norm. 1) As stated, banks aren 't lending. They claim far too many un-creditworthy borrowers or lack of repayment ability or declining collateral values. All things that banks and similar financial lenders state that make lending too risky. (Many think that banks are just looking out for themselves and have no concern for the financial needs of their customers or communities).…

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  • Root Capital Case Summary

    choices to stay stable and strong. Finally, the catalyze aspect works to show commercial and social lenders that lending to small businesses is not as risky as they believe. Roos Capitals three-pronged strategy also allows them to quickly respond to failures and inefficiencies in the market that do not allow small, rural businesses to afford market capital. Root Capital’s methodology of lending uses fixed-price contracts as loan collateral. By doing this, it allows a positive shift from the…

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  • Emergency Plan

    you with a safety net when money is tight. Of all of these, payday loans - and to a degree, title loans - are the easiest to get. Payday loans usually ask the consumer to write a post-dated check, which will be cashed on payday or thereafter. The lending companies that offer these types of loans will ask the borrower to write the check for over the amount needed. The loan company then will give the borrower the amount he/ she wants to borrow and keeps the rest on payday as a type of fee or…

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