Students Evaluating Teachers Essay

  • Framework Of An Effective Framework For Evaluating Teachers: Article Review

    to outline the components for the framework of an effective tool for evaluating teachers. The evaluation of teachers is a critical component for schools and administrators as these evaluations provide the data for making daily decisions for continued school improvements. School leaders have many responsibilities. One of the most important responsibilities that a school administrator has is the process of evaluating teachers. Evaluations promote improved student learning and the continued professional development of teachers. Danielson begins by illuminating the underlying problem with teacher evaluation tools. She begins by stating the ultimate function of existing teacher evaluation tools and how they are used to assess the performance of teachers in order to stimulate the learning of both teachers and students. Current teacher evaluation tools exhibit several inadequacies in their formulation and structure. These current teacher evaluation tools are lacking in criteria that provide feedback for helping teachers identify areas for improvement. Performance components and comments are simple and offer no insight to qualify the rating. There are no components that separate criteria for entry-level and career teachers and no sections to indicate the expertise and the experience of career teachers. Danielson continues by pointing out that due to the lack of consistency between administrators, teachers scores may be biased based on the perceptions of the administration…

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  • Maryland's Evaluation Model For Professional Practice

    process of evaluating teacher progress during a school year. During that time Maryland has adopted the Common Core Standards and has applied and was awarded a federal Race to the Top Grant. Apart of that process, Maryland made State assessment data that measure student growth apart of the evaluation process. Their goal was to identify and support educators who are effective to improve student growth. Their rationale behind this decision is to ensure that students have educators who are…

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  • The Importance Of ESL Students In Special Education

    PVAAS score is the demographics of the clientele. Students with a low socio economic status are historically shown to receive lower scores due to lack of resources and other factors. Students in special education also do not perform as well because of their learning disabilities. ESL students are also at a disadvantage because understanding material in English is difficult for them. These students are not taken into as much consideration when evaluating a teacher and the teacher’s ability to…

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  • Importance Of Library In Library

    critically is different from reading for pleasure. Students read critically to discover information. Often classroom libraries are set-up by teachers in a corner of the classroom and filled with a variety of books for students to choose from. It has been my experience that these libraries are not effective. I have observed that students choose their book of choice for independent reading either through an online source, such as Big Universe or at the library, hence the basket of books in the…

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  • The Importance Of Female Science Teachers

    As teacher evaluations become ever more inclusive, the voice of the current student has not been heard until the creation of the new surveys designed to capture the views of students on the topic of their teachers. While it may be called into question the student opinion and view of teachers “effectiveness” is ultimately best decided by the students who work and spend hours per year with their teachers. However, the student voice is not perfect as there will always be those within the system…

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  • The Most Important Aspects Of Quality Education

    in schools are well-educated teachers, equality in school and learning outcomes. Teachers are the foundation of schools. Without teachers, students would have no one to teach them the information they need to get an education. When it comes to learning, well-educated teachers are helpful. When looking at a teacher, people might think of the job skills they have and also memorization of the things the teacher learned while they were in school. When students go to school, they want to know that…

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  • Characteristics Of Being An Effective Teaching In The Field Of Physical Education

    Whether it’s dealing with your classroom, your colleagues, the administration, and the parents of your students. For this assignment I’ll go over the characteristics of being an effective teacher in the field of Physical Education. The philosophies and theories that I believe in with the methods I’d in the classroom. Between dealing with the ages groups I’d be with everyday or the age I’d like to be with. How I’d assess my classroom along with how I’d discipline my students. Along with what I’d…

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  • Importance Of Being Reflective Essay

    Being Reflective: It is important for teachers to look back and reflect on themselves and their teaching. Reflecting allows one to see where their strengths and weaknesses are. Then you can use what you know to improve and utilize more of what 's working well, and fix or remove what 's not. During the 30 hour practicum, we were expected to record specific information and events. Afterwards, we had to reflect and write what we learnt from those observations. This allowed us to further understand…

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  • Example Of My Personal Pedagogy

    hope.” Many students are at risk of dropping out of high school because they believe that no one actually cares to believe in them. The role of an educator is a person willing to commit to understanding the role of education in the life of adolescents. It takes a very special person to humble his/her ego to maintain a strong work ethic with a positive attitude that does not quit when dealing with young adults; they need a reason more than their mentor does, and that alone should be the overall…

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  • Standardized Testing Argument

    performance, however, others believe that standardized testing causes “important but untested content to be eliminated from the curriculum” (Popham). In discussions of standardized testing, one controversial issue has been whether high-stakes testing improves or diminishes student learning in a classroom. On one side of the argument, Latasha Gandy argues that children “can and must take the tests so we know if they’re mastering the critical skills they are learning from great teachers and great…

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