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  • Rhetorical Analysis: 'Between The World And Me'

    making a distinct separation between the two different groups one known as a dreamer and those who aren’t dreamers. Coates refers to the dream in a variety of different ways he goes from talking about how the dream smells of peppermint and taste of strawberry shortcake to how it puts black bodies in danger. No matter what perspective Coates decides…

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  • Holly's Runaway Analysis

    Last but not least, my final point of comparison is tone. Tone is essentially the attitude of a piece of writing, a person, or a situation. The tone of Runaway is very despairing whenever Holly thinks about her mom. When Holly even writes about her mom, in her journal, she starts to cry. She usually is spunky, even when on the run. Wendelin Van Draanen presents Holly as a smart, brave, yet vulnerable girl. She remembers tons of regretful memories about her mom, especially when her she and her…

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  • Sweetheart Of The Song Tra Bong Analysis

    She was a pretty blonde with a petite body and wore the most beautiful dresses until she came to war. When analyzing “Sweetheart of the Song Tra Bong” from Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried using the gender lens, the author reinforces the female and male stereotypes and also challenges female and male stereotypes. The author reinforces female stereotypes throughout this chapter. One example, when Mary Anne arrives to Vietnam for the first time and the men see her for the first time,…

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  • Cheny Woman

    Cheyne grimaced. She was in a crowd of people but she felt like a rock in a stream, the water as a unit flowing around her. She was at the park, she had come to walk. She had stopped at the flessbe golf course. She had spoken to the guys playing, they gave her the once over and moved on. No hook ups day. Not that was what she wanted but no men seemed interested in relationships. She had given up on her grandmother’s saying about cows and milk. There was always free milk down the street…

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  • Subculture In Harajuku Culture

    A society is composed of people who share a common culture. This culture is composed of a set of common beliefs, conventions and ideological values and acts as the binding force within the society. To be accepted by society one must conform and follow the set culture. A culture is shared by people within a large defined territory and encompasses various subcultures within it. A subculture typically holds values and beliefs at variance with that of the parent culture. One such subculture within…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Year Of 2032

    baseball, and he is the greatest chess player. My other two children are the most adorable twin girls and they are definitely special. They have long beautiful blonde hair and green eyes. They are both 3 years old and are more alike than you could imagine.…

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  • My Father's Girl

    up, so I jumped up and saw that it was mom’s white Toyota Sequoia. She would usually come and pick us up after she got off work, but when I glanced down at my Strawberry Shortcake watch the time read 4:22. Then I knew something was wrong, mom wasn’t supposed to come get us until 5:30. Then the back door of the car opened and a little blonde headed girl that looked to be the same age as I jumped out. She was wearing a chocolate brown dress with matching pink polka dotted leggings. As soon as she…

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  • Ta-Nehisi Coates White Supremacy Analysis

    wanted him to know, concealing the truths of white supremacy. Love also faced such deception while attending Towson University where he felt the college was an institute funded by white supremacy that works tirelessly to support the true Americans, the blonde hair blue eyed individuals. Coates described an environment that left himself…

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  • Personal Narrative: My First Spartan Race

    hours to South Carolina in a tiny green car that looked like a lime color and could sit 4 people. My 14 year old sister was there and just sat there on her phone while me and my dad talked about the race. All I can ever really see of her is strawberry blonde hair because she is always on her phone. My dad said he had never done one of the races in a small worried voice. The race he was doing was called the spartan 5 miler and the one I was doing was the spartan 2 miler. I was a little worried…

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  • Aerwyna Alternate Ending

    Quinn and Aerwyna exited the tent as they saw many girls running around in panic. "Why is everyone so frantic?" Quinn asked. Aerwyna laughed, "We may pledge to reject men, but we want to look good for a hottie like Apollo." "A 'hottie' like Apollo?" Aerwyna instantly turned bright red. "Not my own words!" Quinn chuckled, but stopped herself. Don't get too attached, Quinn, your stay is temporary. She just needed to figure it out. It was not going to be easy. At least Quinn didn't think so.…

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