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  • Corruption In Great Expectations By O. J. Simpson

    Though truth is the only way to receive justice, wealth can manipulate the law to favor one’s side. This is demonstrated through the defense team in the O.J. Simpson murder case, the dual trial in Great Expectations, and the murder case in Legally Blonde. With this method of wealth buying the verdict, it leads to corruption, blinding justice from the truth. For it is corruption that allows for the guilty to find innocence in a trial. Corruption can…

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  • Feminism In Legally Blonde

    When we hear about Legally Blonde we always think of the 2001 hit comedy starring Reese Witherspoon as the bubbly blonde lawyer, which was always dressed in pink, and seemed to fulfill the dumb blonde stereotype. Though this is just scratching the surface of Legally Blonde, as we look deeper into the story it is actually a feminist story, one of confidence, friendship, and defending what you believe in. Elle Woods is a sorority girl that seems to have it all, and she wants nothing more than to…

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  • Obstacles In Tessa Githen's Legally Blonde

    other students at Harvard Law School. But who says looking fabulous and solving a murder case have to be mutually exclusive? Full of energetic musical numbers and myriad diverse characters, Sunny Hills High School’s fantastic production of “Legally Blonde” tells a story of female empowerment and overcoming life’s obstacles. Tessa Githens stars as Elle, a stylish sorority girl who leaves Malibu to follow her ex-boyfriend to Harvard in an attempt to prove she can be “serious” and win back his…

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  • Feminism In Anita Loos's 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'

    To most, Anita Loos’ Gentlemen Prefer Blondes would not be considered a feminist text. The main characters, Lorelei and Dorothy, seem to be characterized as typical women in the 1920’s. Lorelei can almost be seen as a superficial character who will only marry a man for his money, and Dorothy, is the type of girl who would settle for any attractive man. However, feminism is defined as the belief of equality of the genders, that both men and women should have the same rights and equal…

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  • Margaret Atwood's Marilyn Monroe: The Icon

    Marilyn Monroe: The Icon The bright lights of Hollywood attracted many star like moths, and perhaps the most influential and treasured of these stars are the young starlets of the twentieth century. Forever the icon and representative of these starlets is Marilyn Monroe. The subway grate drifted up Marilyn’s dress and she said the words, “ Isn’t it delicious?” shot Marilyn into stardom. Marilyn Monroe was and still is an iconic sex symbol known for “the shot seen around the world” (Stapinski 1)…

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  • Strawberry Poison-Dart Frog Research Paper

    The Strawberry Poison-Dart Frog (Dendrobates pumilio, as well as, Oophaga pumilio) are very small, slender, dioecious, bilateral symmetric ("Poison frogs", 2003; Sandmeier, 2001; Savage, 2002; Penner 2011, n.p.) creatures that normally reach 17-24 mm in length with four, digits on their hands and feet. These frogs have dark eyes and their skin is very dewy with a gleamy appearance (Penner 2011, n.p.) and tend to vary in colors –strawberry-red, yellow, white, green, orange all mostly with black…

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  • Pretty Little Liars Research Paper

    television shows there is some carry over when it comes to how the characters look. With Pretty Little Liars, that didn't happen. In the book world, Aria has black hair and blue eyes, Spencer has dirty blonde hair and green eyes, Hanna has auburn hair and brown eyes, and Emily is a strawberry blonde with green eyes. Emily is also bisexual and not lesbian. Number Seven: None Of The Cast Members Are Actually Teenagers The cast of the show may look like teenagers on screen, but all of them are…

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  • Kami's Short Story: Half Black Girl

    “It was an all black school no mixed, no white, just black, until I came forgot to mention I’m Kami I am going to let someone else take over the story. She was a brunette fading into strawberry blonde, skin as soft as a new peach that everybody admired. People never saw half-white, half-black girl before in their life. People wanted to be her friend everybody loved her. Then they realized why was my skin tone different. People started asking her why do you have light skin? What state do you…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Aquaovo

    to our table, and we plopped our hungry bodies down next to a group of college kids; two extremely beautiful blonde girls with two guys, one who couldn’t cut his meat with a knife and one addicted to his phone. By coincidence, I happened to sit right next to one of the girls and as I sat down, I immediately noticed my Asian features pop; how dark my hair and eyes were compared to her blonde hair and blue eyes! A pair of high heels clunked into my muddled Adidas sneakers, which I responded to by…

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  • Personal Narrative-Individual Medley

    and over were engraved in my cerebral cortex.The recorded robot like voice stated that we should get ready. I grabbed my already secure yellow cap that in bold blue stated my team name “Marlins”, making sure that it was stable under my thick strawberry blonde locks and likewise trying to not pull it over my eyebrows because in swimming terms that’s bad. Remembering how ruined my hair looks after my hair had the battle between the chlorine. The little girl I helped calm…

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