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  • Walmart Core Competencies

    Introduction Being one of the world´s largest retailers, Walmart is operating in more than 27 countries with around 2.2 million employees. As a giant retailer, Walmart is offering a wide range of different products and has a broad customer base. Accordingly, the company is constantly required to carefully weigh up risks and opportunities through intensive decision-making processes. A closer look at Walmart´s operation management reveals that Walmart´s immense success as well as its decline in…

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  • Tiffin Box Case Study

    1. Introduction 1.1 History The lunchboxes which were available earlier were not useful for kids. In 1800s, workers carry metal buckets to store food while going to workplace. In fact, your lunch pail illustrated your place on the economic scale -- a lunch pail meant you couldn't afford a hot noontime meal. This didn't stop children from wanting to emulate their working parents, however Later, kids fashioned their own lunch buckets from tin boxes that were originally used to hold cookies or…

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  • Dental Powder Case Study

    Mission Statement ”To develop and sell high quality oral dental care that will capture the dominant share of mind in all markets” Company Background The company came into existence on the 26th September 1963, initiated by Syed Amiruddin Alvi. The start-up capital was a mere Rs 6000. In the beginning, Dentonic Toothpowder was barely bought by the people. There existed some toothpowders at that time for example, Dentogene by the Dentogene laboratory, and Tibet by Kohinoor, but neither was much…

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  • Differences And Operating Systems Of Android, Android And Android

    IOS versus Android Android and iOS are operating systems primarily used in mobile technology, such as in tablet, smartphones, iPad and more. Both operating systems are made by enormous companies Apple and Google. Apple produces the iOS operating system for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Apple TV, likewise Google makes the Android operating system for all kinds of smartphones and tablets that are compatible with the Android operating system. The two of them are quite popular and progressive. They…

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  • Apple & Samsung: The Marketing Strategy Of Apple And Samsung

    1. Apple and Samsung, especially, using very various strategies of business and models within the marketplace. Apple launches few but products of highly expected expensive at the same time Samsung overwhelm the market with a huge collection of products. For understand strategy of Apple and the effects on the market place of mobile, it is paramount the whole strategies of business for every particular company are explained and implicit. Apple was very careful about the release of their products…

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  • Acer Case Study

    Acer’s company work in producing computer hardware they have producing laptop, netbooks, desktop computers, storage systems peripheral devices, LCD television, and e-business solutions. Acer’s company started with acquiring acquired Altos Peripherals so, they used External Technology Development for example: in 1996 – Acer signs a reciprocal patent licensing agreement with IBM, Intel and Texas Instruments allowing use of each other’s patented technology , than in1997 – Acer acquires…

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  • International Business Machine Case Analysis

    Introduction International Business Machine (IBM) Corporation is one of the world’s largest multinational computer technology and IT consulting corporation. In 2011 it celebrated 100 years in age and $100 billion in sales. Interbrand rated IBM as the fourth value brand of the 2013 (2013 Best Global Brands, 2014). The company is proud of its contribution to the “ideas that shaped a century” (IBM, 2014). Fifty years ago IBM was a leader in IT technology and a sample of the multinational business…

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  • Zara Porter's Five Forces Analysis

    Zara is the leading brand in the portfolio of Inditex, the Spanish fashion group founded in 1975. It accounts for almost one third of the Group stores and two thirds of revenue. By the end of 2013 Zara had 1827 stores opened globally on 88 markets and continued its online expansion by launching online sales in South Korea and Mexico making total online presence on 27 markets. The original business idea of Zara was to link customer demand to production by following the fashion trends and to…

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  • Epicentre Case Study

    EpiCentre Asia Pte Ltd is the first Apple premium reseller in the region. Its products and services includes the sale of Apple peripherals, its accessories, product training, technical advice and help for its customers. EpiCentre currently has 5 stores (previously 11) operating in Singapore. (Epicentre Pte Ltd, n.d.) Founded in 1819 initially as a British colony by Sir Stamford Raffles, Singapore is located in the south east Asia. It gained its independence in August 9 1965, and it has developed…

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  • The Importance Of Millennials

    As millennials, the generation that has the tendency to become bored quickly, makes up a large part of our current and future workforce, our company would surely suffer a decline in productivity if we do not make changes to our Human Resources and Motivation framework (Carson, 2015). Millennials benefit from the myriad of technological advances that have been made during their time, but it has also caused them to become slack and less motivated to do hard work (Modo Labs Team, 2016; Hamill,…

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