Stonewall riots

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  • Second Battle Of Bull Run Essay

    It seemed like the turning point and the battle that really stood out was when Pope was attacking Stonewall Jackson. If Popes reinforcements would have arrived like he thought they would, would the outcome of this particular battle be different? I believe so, I think the Union army would not have suffered as many casualties as they did and the morale for…

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  • Stonewall Jackson Analysis

    General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson was in many respects second to General Robert E. Lee in the Confederate popularity with southerners, especially within their memory, religion, and mythology. His early death on May 10, 1863 left many unanswered questions, however former soldiers on his staff, contemporary historians, and modern professional historians have filled in the gaps about Jackson to complete a history of the general. His history has been connected to the Confederacy, Lee, Shenandoah…

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  • General Joseph: Fighting Joe Hooker's Leadership

    The leadership of General Joseph “Fighting Joe” Hooker General Hooker graduated from West Point. General Hooker’s military career was a bit sporadic; he served during the Mexican War, then resigned and moved to California to be a farmer. General Hooker later regretted this decision and attempted to return to service, which took several attempts. General Hooker had a leadership style and personality that was egotistically driven and quarrelsome with peers and superiors. General Hooker got the…

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  • Gettysburg The Culp Family Essay

    involvement, but the most commonly referenced events are of the brothers Wesley and William Culp. Wesley was a harness maker whose work ultimately brought him to reside in Virginia. In doing so he joined the Confederate Army as a part of General Stonewall Jackson’s 2nd Virginia Infantry Regiment. His brother William stayed closer to home and enlisted in the Union Army as a member of the 87th Pennsylvania Infantry. They each fought on opposing sides during the Second Battle of Winchester (June…

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  • Two Military Genius

    ability to anticipate enemy movements. Lee also showed his military genius through developing new battle tactics that positioned his generals to take strategic territories towards the northern border of Virginia.Thomas J. Jackson, also known as Stonewall, portrayed his military genius through his decisiveness and timely actions. He was a disciplined leader and received great credibility for his…

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  • Essay On The Battle Of Antietam

    Of all of the battles in the American Civil War, none other amounted to the sheer casualties in the one day that was the Battle of Antietam. With a slew of mistakes by both Generals, the terrain was disadvantageous to both sides, the Union didn’t take advantage of the surplus of troops, General Lee’s battle plans were spread, and many other battlefield errors, this was the bloodiest single day in American history. The topics that are going to be covered are: A overview of the battle in general;…

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  • Women In Constantinople During Late-Antiquity

    The life of cosmopolitan women in late-antiquity has remained something of an enigma to scholars. Perceptions of general decadence and moral impoverishment date back to the early research of historians like Edward Gibbon, who argued that a loss of virtue-ethics plagued the secular government. Authors of the 5th and 6th centuries, like Procopius and St. Augustine, offer little to undermine that notion. One would be quick to assume that the general decline in quality of life in the late…

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  • The Different Side Of Events In Procopius's The Secret History

    The Secret History was written by Procopius during his lifetime, but after his other works. This was a work written for himself and close friends, which he never intended to publish. The Secret History shows a different side to the events that happened in the Byzantine Empire. This book shows a different side to many different, well know rulers in Byzantine. Procopius portrays Antonina to be a very scandalous person with very little morals who would cheat on her husband every chance she got.…

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  • Non Lethal Weapons By Law Enforcement Case Study

    Use of Non-Lethal Weapons by Law Enforcement. This paper will answer the five questions offered below: 1. When did law enforcement start using non-lethal weapons and the different types of non-lethal weapons? 2. The two primary continuums and the significance of Non-lethal weapons and why law enforcement needs non-lethal weapons? 3. What are the causes and effects of non-lethal weapons, in regards to Tasers and pepper spray on a suspect? 4. When a subject is sprayed with pepper spray, can OC…

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  • Justinian's Legacy

    Building programs for emperors were not always for the sole benefit of the people but also for propaganda. Justinian’s building plan had followed many riots so it is quite possible that he constructed his program with the hopes of gaining his people’s trust; no matter the intentions of Justinian he still created a building program that greatly improved his empire and shaped his legacy. Justinian’s building…

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