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  • The Internet Galaxy Case Study

    List of references 1. Castells‏, M. (a.n.d.). The Internet Galaxy: the reflections of the Internet, the Business, and the Society. OUP Oxford. ‏ 1.1. The author who born in Spain in 1942 is credible because he is professor of city, sociology and planning of the region at the university of California teaching for twelve years. Manuel published twenty books talking about economy, society and culture that have been published by Blackwell and translated into more than ten languages. In addition, he…

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  • Npv Profile Case Study

    can be seen in a different light, which includes NPVP (net present value profile). NPVP is comprised of DPB (the discount payback), DPBI (the discounted payback index), and the MGR (the marginal growth rate). Financial models should always include…

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  • Pharmaceuticals Case Summary

    The client, Barae Pharmaceuticals had won a $2 million judgement against Bara Pharmaceuticals for the misuse of Barae’s name. Bara Pharmaceuticals had used Barae’s name inappropriately in the generic-label over-the-counter market. Bara, the defendant in the case, had closed down and filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy when the judgement was entered. With the judgement entered and debt being incurred, the CEO and CFO of Bara had left the country and returned to South America. Additionally, the 125…

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  • Df's Five Factor Model

    Refer to Table 1, the CFA results showed that the proposed model of five-factor of the Employee Trust Scale revealed that the majority of comparative fit indexes failed to reach the recommended standards for model fit [14, 15]. Standardized estimates for the measurement model for Employee Trust Scale showed a CFI of .723, a TLI of .867, a GFI of .874, and a RMSEA estimate of .074, and CMIN/DF of 3.804 (refer Table 1). The results suggested that the five-factor model of Employee Trust Scale did…

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  • The Progressive Movement: Stock Market Crash

    Midterm: The Progressive Movement / Stock Market Crash (1929) The Progressive Movement was a time of reform that began in the late 19th century and continued through the early decades of the 20th century. During this time in American history, well-known intellectuals and social reformers starting asking cultural questions as well as political and economic questions. The questions that these intellectuals and social reformers were trying to address were brought about due to the rapid changes of…

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  • Black Monday Stock Market Crash

    A Prominent Financial Crash What would be a disaster for the stock market would be major chaos for the rest of the nation, in terms of the market, prices, jobs, and just barely staying alive. The stock market is an important event in history because it affected countless Americans, rich middle and poor, and anything that would be linked with the crash, directly or indirectly, causing items and products to lose value greatly and rapidly. This set a chain of events which left the nation with…

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  • Critical Review Model

    Anderson, Fornell, and Lehmann (1994) say that companies that strive for high customer satisfaction are more likely to receive larger economic returns. They also know that these economic returns are not at once recognized. Matzler et al., (1996) argue that customer satisfaction act as an indicator of future business opportunities, where a satisfied customer is loyal to the company, which implies a stable future cash-flow. This is strengthened by Anderson, Fornell, and Lehmann (1994) who…

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  • Relationship Between New Technology And Inflation

    stock market continued to boom for a long time. It promotes the options system and the prosperity of employee shareholding system, especially in the NASDAQ sharply demonstration effect. In the silicon, the valley of stock option trading, popular options system has been introduced in the vast majority of high-tech enterprises, and even appeared to options don 't…

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  • Barilla Case Summary

    Barilla is a pasta manufacturing company that enjoyed double-digit growth rates of up to 21% in the 1980s decade but, was faced with economic problems at the onset of the 1990s decade (Hammond, 1994). The root of Barilla's problems is the increased frequency of demand fluctuations and a rigid distribution system. As a result, the heads of the logistics department proposed a change in the distribution process to the "Just-In-Time-Distribution" (JITD). However, the changes in the distribution…

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  • A Case Study: Honda Siel Cars India Ltd.

    CASE : Honda Siel Cars India Ltd. 1 ITR 497. The expenditure which is incurred while restoring the roof to original condition wouldn’t amount to capital expenditure. As the expenditure incurred on removal of defect in design of car relates to stock in trade of the assesse, it would amount to business expenditure but not capital expenditure. Hence deductions can be claimed under sec 37(1). V. Final Analysis :  In the case given of manufacture and sale of the firecrackers, replacing petrol…

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