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  • The Cremation Of Sam Mcgee Analysis

    Cremation Of Sam McGee” and the poem was published 1907. The first stanza of the poem stages a setting for the piece. The speaker makes it very clear that the poem takes place where the sun shines all day and all night, where men work very hard in search of gold. In this first stanza, the speaker addressing that this is a place where very strange things happen, and that he had to cremate a man named Sam McGee. The first stanza of this poem really gets the reader interested in the piece. The…

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  • Summary Of The Poem A Telephone Line Goes Cold/Birds No Farm

    but it is all just in his head. He admits that there is “no space, no birds, no farm”. (24) The speaker wants for someone to be there at the farm, but “both ends will be home” (23) and it will all be just wishful thinking. In just the first stanza, the reader can clearly see the details of the farm the speaker is talking about. It starts out by saying, “A telephone line goes cold/ birds tread it wherever it goes”. (1-2) A vivid image is painted of a line that does not have a reply on the…

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  • Compare Valentine And Mean Time

    have a connection where love isn 't stereotypical, it 's strange and different to what most people know love to be. The structure in general is haphazard but every stanza, including the single lines, have an end stop. This is because love is deep, crazy and strong, when you throw yourself in it is intense and this is shown by the full stanzas, the single lines are the less intense, calmer parts of love. 'Mean Time ' is similar as it has disjointed sentences so that the reader can relate and…

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  • Dualism In The Seafarer

    tone in the first stanza, “And forth in sorrow and fear and pain, / Showed me suffering in a hundred ships,” (lines 3-4). The narrator’s life is difficult and sometimes this difficulty causes him pain and suffering. “The Seafarer” transitions to a more excited and surprised tone in the second stanza. “And how my heart / Would begin to beat, knowing once more / The salt waves tossing and the towering sea!” (lines 33-35). The juxtaposition of the first stanza’s desolate tone and stanza two’s…

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  • Theme Of Because I Could Not Stop For Death And Mid Term Break

    choice, literary devices and the tone of each of the poems. First of all, in ‘Because I could not stop for death’, Dickinson personifies “Death” as a welcoming and kind person who is taking her on this ‘journey’ from life to afterlife. In the first stanza, the word “kindly” is used to juxtapose with “death”. Usually, Death is personified as a evil and scary character. In this poem however, Death is personified as a courteous and gentle guide, that is bringing her on this voyage towards…

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  • Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

    The word “rage” is used to encourage one to roar and battle during the final hours of one’s life. The stanza ends with Thomas comparing death, to the “dying of a light”. The second stanza brings in the mindset of a perceptive man, where he knows that “dark is right”, however they do not heed their words because they have “forked no lighting”, and they too fight “that good night.” (Thomas 4-6)…

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  • It Was Not Death For I Stood Up Analysis

    own death as she would any other event in her life. She is not writing about her physical death, but rather a lack of life. Dickinson’s “It was not Death, for I stood up” is a contrast between her depression and the potential of death. The first stanza of “It was not Death, for I stood up” sets the tone of the poem as somber and questioning. Dickinson writes about an experience that feels like death but is not. The first two lines “It was not Death, for I stood up, / And all the dead lie down”…

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  • Summary Of The Poem Before I Got My Eye Put Out

    about the theory and understanding of nature and life. The first stanza, she talks about in the poem about how “I liked as well to see”. She wanted a clearer vision of what she sees before. She couldn’t see, but having to use her feelings can really notice the truth. Everything is seen imaginary to her like “As other creatures, that have eyes”. She uses them as creatures because she is different from anyone else. The second stanza, they can see the infinite sky and…

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  • Summary Of Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

    by Dylan Thomas in 1952. The poem is divided into six stanzas, with a simple rhyme scheme of A,B,A,B etc. The poet wrote this poem at the time of his fathers’ death; so I believe that death has a large theme here. It also seems that perseverance in the face of adversity is a large theme because the poem encourages the reader to live life fully and with great passion; up to and beyond the point of death. This is evident right from the first stanza, second line, when the poet states: “Old age…

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  • Poem Analysis: Drinking Alone With The Moon

    personification, diction and euphemism. Although, the overall tone of the poem is happy, the first stanza tone is sad. “I drink alone, no friends with me” (2), this suggest that the narrator is lonely and sad. “I raise my cup to invite the moon.” (3), in this line, the author used hyperbole; this tells that the narrator then feels optimistic but, at the same time desperate. In the last line of the first stanza,…

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