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  • Vehicle Emission Environmental Challenges

    industry standards. Following 1970, Congress again passed the clean Air Act as the automobile industry is growing fast and high competitive hence having these laws enacted in curbing behavior change and instilling sense of responsibility to the users and the automakers, with focus on sustainability of the environment. Vehicle emission Environmental challenges…

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  • Air Pollution In California

    The Central Valley has played an important role in California being the strongest economic state in the country. The Central Valley, which population centers comprise of Fresno, Clovis, Modesto, and Visalia, have contributed substantially to California’s economy by being one of its leading agricultural producers. In contrast to its city-orientated “brother” in south California, or the “Bay area,” the Central Valley does not typically have busy streets, tall buildings, sandy beaches, and…

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  • Non Life Insurance Essay

    It is also expedient to verify that the selected distribution e ectively models the data because anything short of almost accurate could prove detrimental to future predictions. Hogg and Klugman (1984) serves as a standard reference for this subject. Adeleke and Ibiwoye (2011) used these same concepts to model claim sizes in personal line non- life insurance in Nigeria. They performed analysis of claim size to determine fair premium to ensure…

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  • Case Study: Beltway Shoe Company

    In MTH410 – Quantitative business analysis. Greenwood Village, CO; Author Conclusion The Beltway Shoe Company has taken data points for their western and eastern region for shoe sales. Using statistical data such as mean, median, range, and standard deviation, along with confidence interval estimates for the sale price and days to sell, management is able to understand which region is performing better in profits and days to sell. Further study of the data will allow management to increase…

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  • Serial Correlation Essay

    n as our sample size for each run. The MSER technique used various truncation values (d*), minimizing standard error, for each of the 10 runs. The resultant point estimates are independent, but based on various sizes of n. To prevent introducing bias into our results, we weighted each estimate by n. A histogram was generated using x ̅, weighted by n, seen in Figure 7. Note that our standard deviation was extremely high. To minimize the variance of our mean, we calculated a new weighted…

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  • Ida Tarbell Short Biography

    A Muckraking Investigator Ida Tarbell was a woman who had a whole bunch of ambition. She achieved a lot of accomplishments in her life. She didn’t let anything get in her way. Ida Tarbell was a strong willed woman who revealed the monopoly of the Standard Oil Company, created a new type of journalism, and became famous for doing something she loved. She was one of the most important magazine writers of the 20th century. Ida Tarbell was born on November 5th, 1857 to an oil producer. She was…

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  • What Does Abelson Mean By Statistics As A Principled Argument

    null hypothesis testing (Abelson, 2). Statistical results that are shared should always be prefaced with a context and be provided with comparison groups. Also, it should never be the case for researchers to come up with an absolute conclusion once a model reaches the threshold of…

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  • Case Analysis Of Exxon Mobil

    the market as well as cost leader in the industry. The powerful market position across the value chain allows the company to take advantage of the new emerging growth opportunities around the world. The overall geographic diversity across business model enables Exxon Mobil to decrease risks in a competitive turf and maximize profitability through less risky business portfolio. ExxonMobil chooses a cost leadership business strategy focuses on gaining advantages by reducing costs to below to those…

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  • Littlefield Manufacturing Case Study

    given to us. More specifically, we looked at the mean and standard deviation of demand for the first 50 days of the simulation. We did this by exporting the data from Littlefield into an Excel document and utilizing the AVG and STDEV functions within it. These functions gave us an average demand of 14.52 jobs per day, and a standard deviation of 4.17 jobs per day for the first 50 days. By comparing these numbers we realized that the standard deviation was nearly 30% of the average daily demand.…

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  • Importance Of Weight Estimation Using AHP

    travel time, traffic volume(PCU), road width, number of intersections, parking on road, encroachment are considered and also AHP is modeled to obtain the optimal path by considering above mentioned traffic attributes over specified zones. Using this model optimal path between various zones of Nagpur city is found out. An example for source zone no.4 to destination zone no.69 is illustrated in the paper. For the present case study, the Consistency Ratio obtained for AHP is 0.0729 which is…

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