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  • Jean Paul Gaultier Advertisement Analysis

    the brand and the creator of it, and the models used. Lastly, we analyzed the aesthetics of the ad to pull it all together, using subtle or not so subtle visual clues to further support our hypothesis that these ads did indeed have at least a little something gay about them. The navy has had a long standing reputation for being the gayest branch of the military.…

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  • Social Factors And Social Influences On Eating Behavior

    understood. Significant amounts of research has been done in this area of study, culminating in various different models proposed by researcher that seek to explain just one these factors. This paper seeks to describe and evaluate how well one of these models, the normative model proposed in Herman, Roth, & Polivy (2003), explains social influences on eating behavior and apply the model to determine its effectiveness in predicting and explaining the findings of other research pertaining to…

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  • Postdoctoral Fellowship Proposal

    contact you to share some research ideas I propose in the context of my application to the Yerby postdoctoral fellowship program for which I suggested you as faculty mentors. The proposal I presented consists on developing theory-based and data-driven models of health complexity for contributing to the health theoretical development, providing coherence and context to fragmented evidence of health practice, and bringing closer health theory and facts. I briefly described this proposal in my…

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  • Social Normative Model Analysis

    Herman, Polivy and Roth’s (2003) normative model attempts to explain how social factors influence food intake, specifically focusing on social facilitation, modeling, and impression-management. Models are incredibly helpful within scientific research as they allow for scientists to compile current data and propose frameworks to explain various behaviors. However, some models lack comprehensive explanations and require additional modification in order to accurately describe the potential causes…

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  • Gm Case Study Assignment

    GM is described as untrustworthy, as well as, not devoted to their customers when it came to the ignition switch problems that it was dealing with for eleven years. With GM aware of the problem it still was never fixed, and the employees that were engaged in fixing the issue were not taking responsibility for it (Kuppler, 2014). Some key attributes of GM would have to revolve around the culture of the organization. GM places an important emphasis on committees in order to help ensure no issues…

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  • Persuasive Plastic Surgery

    small models that are seen in magazines. Beauty is viewed as having the perfect figure that feels acceptable with today’s society. Beauty is viewed as having the perfect face that requires spending hundreds of dollars. Everyone has grown up in a society that has defined how “beautiful” one is, and has begun to accept that. At one point in life, every individual questions whether or not they are beautiful, or how to become more beautiful. It usually ends up that one will compare us to that model…

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  • Modeling HIV/Aids

    section “Improving the modelling of HIV transmission” where Johnson is finishing the section with a reference to Garnett and Bowden paper for further information. The main work that Johnson is building his conclusions on is The ASSA 2000 Suite of models. He mentions it at the beginning of section 4, “Improving the modelling of HIV transmission”. On top of the publications made by others, Johnson is using statistical distributions and mathematical formulae in the paper, and he does that without…

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  • Why Are Skinny Models Bad

    When you hear about models in our society you hear generally the following. That they are extremely thin most likely due to eating disorders. They have to be relatively tall. But most of all they have to be beautiful. The big question is how does society determine what the perfect body type is? Is being that skinny worth possibly losing your life? The story “Everyone Knows Her: The Unattainable Ideal” talks about how advertisers print out pictures of models that you can tell are extremely…

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  • Principal Barajas As A Role Model

    successors can be classified as mentors, models, ideal individuals, etc. These individuals labeled as “perfect examples” are major help in order to keep a consecutive attitude in not giving up for future success. These perfect examples are classified as role models for their past experiences, impacts, and skills that have been acquired. Role models can provide an enormous impact to those that are in the process of obtaining and striving for success. Role models are very helpful, for they provide…

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  • Standard Deviations In The Business World Case Study

    themselves against the black swan risk and may purchase insurance to help with the risk, but will still lose some. The most accurate way of minimizing the loss is to update information on a regular basis and in a timely manner. There are extant models that account much better for the extreme events in security returns observed over an amount of time than the black swan. These include having order of magnitude seen in the recent financial crisis. The probabilities are given by mixtures of…

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