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  • How Did The Munera Influence Roman Society

    funded by private individuals and were associated with funerary celebrations for the majority of the Republic period . For the spectators, these games provided entertainment, as well as reaffirmed the social order, power and authority of Rome. For the sponsors, the games were an opportunity to gain the favour of the people and compete with political rivals. Individuals who funded the munera dedicated them as a gift to the people, and they became more frequent and detached from funerary…

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  • Marketing Strategy Of Chargee

    customers could see the light inside the locker could change from green to red. Red light means this locker is occupied. Chargee is designed to customers’ satisfaction. It has separated lockers and easy payment method. It also has a LED screen that sponsors of Chargee could advertise their products or services. Additionally, a short survey could be done to improve the service that Chargee is ensured. The most important feature that set Chargee apart from its competitors, Chargee is provided…

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  • The Influence Of Corporate Sponsorship In Schools

    America's schools benefit from any kind of corporate sponsorship because of the poor economy in many school districts. The donations from corporate sponsorships enables the schools to buy more resources to educate. Sponsorships in schools are necessary to help give students a higher education which in turn has an influence on the economy and success of the community. Sponsorships are more beneficial due to the fact that they bring in money for schools. Most importantly it can help schools…

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  • Dramatism In The Rhetoric Of NASCAR

    NASCAR” (Williams). They contend that in virtually all traditional sports, athletes represent themselves as agents in post-game interviews. However, in NASCAR post-race interviews, the driver acts as the agency through which the agent (the corporate sponsor) acts and achieves its purpose…

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  • Titanium Knights Case Study

    Team Number: 6203 Team Name, Corporate/University Sponsors: Academy After Hours/Nokia Bell Labs/Wells Fargo/Bank of America/Altech Machine & Tool, Inc./Li Technologies, LLC/Bloomberg&Bergen Acads Hackensack Briefly describe the impact of the FIRST program on team participants with special emphasis on the 2016/2017 year and the preceding two to five years: As a team only in their third season, the Titanium Knights is dedicated to creating a FIRST family in Bergen County. We’re not only building…

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  • American Racing League Case Study

    Question 1 Indy Racing League IRL, an open wheel racing automobile racing series formed due to the split between Indy Car and CART, a sanctioning body of open wheel auto racing. The split was due to many conflicts between both the bodies out of which the main conflict is widely believed to be the Indian Polis 500, the most popular racing event owned by Tony George of Indy Racing League. CART allotted some points to drivers taking part in the Indian Polis 500 despite the event being the most…

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  • Homeless Dogs Research Paper

    Birmingham, Alabama and some money from sponsors (nike and krispy kreme). In order to organize this fundraiser there will need to be contact with Legacy Arena and ask if they would rent out their land for a day. There will be contact with local businesses to sponsor the event. These sponsors will advertise and donate money to help this cause. There will be roughly 5,000 people arriving at the fun-run. The entree fee will be $75.00 and chances to win awards from the sponsors. With this in mind…

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  • Olympic Opening Ceremony Analysis

    as well as making sure they are a commercial and economical success. Due to this, contradictions often come about. The Olympics are a not-for-profit organization, however, it is technically essential for them to create profit for their corporate sponsors (IOC). When the IOC chooses a city for the winter or summer…

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  • The Greatest Movie Ever Sold Analysis

    The Greatest Movie Ever Sold I think that Morgan Spurlock took a risk by making this film on this topic. Speaking out against big and important companies seems to be a danger thing especially nowadays where commercials are everywhere and anytime. There are some companies that are very important and have influence from around the world like Nike and Cocoa-Cola. His film started by commercials in some place where ads are everywhere. There were ads in buildings, busses, taxis, movies, and even in…

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  • The Video Game Culture

    Video games is the fastest growing form of entertainment in the world, with a global market value of $67 billion in 2010 and a predicted value of $112 billion by 2015.1 Statistically speaking 97% of American adolescent aged 12-17 years play on the computer or console video games.2 To put it into frequency, 31% of adolescents play video games every day and another 21% play games 3-5 days a week.3 My project is to conduct a research based on a particular micro culture in the context of competitive…

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