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  • Benefits Of Physical Education

    education is also one of the success factors of a student . What is meant by physical education is also a subject which all students have to take it either in school or even university. It is an outdoor activity that requires physical and mental strength. , What I want here is to discuss the students must take physical education course because it provides many benefits to students such as shape change and also the individual needs of the physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual. Also,…

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  • 1. What Is A Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC)?

    1.1 What is a composite material? Composite materials are materials in which a homogenous matrix is reinforced by a stronger and stiffer constituent that is usually fibrous but may have a particulate or other shape (web.mit.edu). They are produced when two or more materials or phases are used together to give a combination of properties that cannot be attained otherwise. For example steel reinforced concrete, plywood and fibre glass. 1.2 What is a Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC)? CMCs are a…

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  • Shear Strength Experiment Analysis

    Experimental Analysis The experimental work is carried out to evaluate the shear strength of steel fiber reinforced concrete deep beams without stirrups. For this 18 beams are cast. The beams are tested under two-point loading as per IS after 28 days curing. Fiber fraction is varied as 0%, 1.5% and 3%. The shear span-to-depth ratio (a/d ratio) for beams is kept as 0.60 for case-I and 0.74 for case-II. The cube compressive strength is estimated. The experimental results are compared with…

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  • My Struggle With Weight And Body Image

    what hadn’t worked for me during the fall. I knew I wanted to be like the strong and muscular girls that could lift their body weight. I had grown to love lifting during track, even more so than running and based of what information out there on strength training, I decided to start incorporating weight training into my workouts. I was able to stay on track for the whole semester and by the time summer rolled around I felt much better about how I looked and felt compared to the previous…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Chemical Vapor Deposition

    2. Basic theories and principles 2.1 Chemical vapor deposition 2.1.1 Definition of chemical vapor deposition Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) is a versatile process which is widely applied to produce coatings, powders, fibers and monolithic components [1]. Applying the chemical vapor deposition, it is possible to produce alloy and compounds of metals and nonmetal materials. Chemical vapor deposition can be defined as the deposition of a solid on a heated surface from a chemical reaction in the…

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  • Feilability Of Peltier Technology

    Material selection The main purpose of outer material is to provide enough insulation. So minimum heat transfer coefficient is required for the outer material. Other selection criteria are: 1. Cost 2. Environment friendly 3. Availability Alternatives along with heat transfer coefficient are: • Wood : 0.19 w/m/k • Plastics: 0.29 w/m/k • Polystyrene foam: 0.04 w/m/k • Polyurethane foam: 0.03 w/m/k From the above alternative more suitable outer materials are Polystyrene foam and Polyurethane…

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  • Characteristics Of Rockwell Hardness Test

    2.9 Material Properties 2.9.1 Hardness Test Hardness is defined as a measure of a material’s resistance to contained plastic deformation (e.g., a small dent or scratch). Hardness testing comprises a small indenter being enforced into the surface of the material being confirmed under organized circumstances of load and rate of application. The depth or size of the resulting indentation is measured, which in turn is linked to a hardness number; weaker the material, indentation will be the…

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  • Cerakote: A Polymer-Ceramic Coating Analysis

    According to cerakoteguncoatings.com (2017), Cerakote is a Polymer-Ceramic coating that can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers and wood. Cerakote is used on; knives, weapons, tools, some electronic covers, glasses and anything durable that needs a tough coating. This ceramic thin-film coating is intended to offer an appealing finish with unequaled performance. The ceramic coating of Cerakote provides the advantage of having extraordinary; adhesiveness, pliability, corrosion and wear…

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  • Aerobic Exercise Analysis

    With obesity being a major problem in the United States, there seems to be many answers. Resolutions such as surgery, fad diets, and pills can be effective but often lead to not fixing the main problem. Not changing bad habits are the reason why obesity exists so high in America. Often time habits can come and go , but its when the bad ones stay is when its a problem. However, adding good habits to a routine can help benefit many aspects that the bad habits cannot. Exercise in an everyday agenda…

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  • First Side By Side Geometry

    4.1 First Side by Side Geometry The first model shown in figure 3 was for twin tunnels already constructed at a centre to centre spacing of 3D. This model helped to identify the influence of construction sequence on surface and subsurface ground displacement upon excavating the first and second tunnels underneath the existing twin tunnels. Figure 3: First Side by Side twin tunnels 4.1.1 Surface Displacements The surface displacements at distances of 4.75m, 7.125m, 9.5m and 11.875m from the…

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