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  • Southwest Recruitment Process

    Administration The leadership team of Southwest is known for being relaxed but efficient and fun. When asked about how he made it work with committed employees he replied: “be there when they’re having problems and stay out of their way when things are going well” (Reingold). Herb went on to say that leadership is not a power thing but a “responsibility to others” (Reingold). Keeping costs low is an essential in keeping the low airfare that Southwest provides. Labor and fuel cost make…

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  • Capitalism, Purpose And Servant Leadership: Case Study

    Business School at Grand Canyon University, gave a lecture to the business college entitled ‘Conscious, Capitalism, Purpose and Servant Leadership’ and essentially it’s when a company strives to make a profit ethically with a greater good in mind. Southwest, rightfully so, is held up as the shining example of a company who does conscious capitalism right. And they stressed it was because of our philosophy of: Employees first, Customers second, Shareholders third. Now, the question I have: is…

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  • Ries And Delta Leadership Analysis

    Southwest and Delta are shown in the defensive category. Ries and Trout give three principles to effective defensive warfare. The first principle is for only leaders should play defensively. This is especially important when two leaders are identical in market share. An attack from an opposing airline would quickly send one opponent into offense. After all, each competitor’s market share is shifting and today’s leader may not be the leader next year when companies like Southwest and Delta remain…

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  • Importance Of Safety In Aviation

    twice about the problem. “You always hope everything goes well.” said by an airline pilot, whose plane was hit by geese shortly after takeoff. An easy but pricey solution is put sensors on the back, nose, wings, and top regions of the airplane, in order to avoid objects like birds. It is similar technology that is already built-into warplanes to avoid surface-to-air missiles. On the task of weather, this is the airlines problem, they appear to care more about the money than the passengers. It…

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  • Easyjet Case Study

    Glasgow (the fare is still about the same today). Stelios got the idea for EasyJet from Southwest Airlines in the US, which prospered by introducing a no-frills, low-price service on short haul routes. EasyJet was floated on the London Stock Exchange on 5 November 2000.It is the largest airline of the United Kingdom, by number of passengers carried, operating domestic and international scheduled services . The airline flies to / from 17 airports in the UK , operating on over 600 routes across…

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  • Dubai Aviation Industry Case Study

    to influence this industry’s strategy. Now I will use Porter’s Five Force to analyze its market structure. (1) Industry Rivalry: Airline industry has plenty of competitors. Most of the companies tend to international routes. The United Arab Emirates’ companies as well, so the differentiation is not obvious, and this differentiation involves products and services. Airline industries of The United Arab Emirates ‘core competitor in Europe are Air France and British Airways (Yaqoub,…

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  • Price Discrimination Paper

    The following research paper will discuss the 3rd-degree price discrimination model within the airline industry, the basic revenue management model used by airlines and further price discrimination techniques, as well as primary research involving data gathered from Delta & Southwest Airlines. The collected data will ultimately be used to show the relationship between time of departure and fare price. Price Discrimination The 3rd-degree price discrimination model describes suppliers selling the…

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  • Ryanair Financial Performance Essay

    Ryanair is the definitive example of why the low cost, “no frills” airline business philosophy is booming in an ever slowing global economy. After suffering a rare dip in profit margin in 2014, Ryanair is now boasting a 66% boost in 2015, raising their net profit totals over the 1 million euro mark. This is an accomplishment that puts them in the same ranks as major airliners such as International Airlines Group (IAG) and Lufthansa. In addition, financial experts predict another 10% growth…

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  • Swot Analysis: SWOT Analysis Of American Airlines

    SWOT Analysis American Airlines SWOT Analysis American Airlines The SWOT analysis is a widely used tool used to scan the internal and external environment to achieve a systematic approach and support for strategic decision-making (Ebonzo Menga, Lu & Liu, 2015). An organization strengths and weaknesses can be identified by examining internal factors. The opportunities available to the organization and the threats it faces can be determined by examining external factors (Simoneaux & Stroud,…

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  • Case Study: The Spirit Airlines Business Model

    multitude of factors in the early 2000s brought about a decline in the financial performance of many airlines throughout the industry. Some of these factors include aspects such as the events of September 11th, stock market struggles, and the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) virus, among others (Swelbar, 2009). An additional cause of such a decline was the rise of low-cost carriers, such as Spirit Airlines (Swelbar, 2009). Although their business model did not make them exempt from the…

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