Southwest Airlines

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  • Southwest Airlines Swot Analysis

    strength of Southwest is its outstanding customer service. In August 2009, Southwest Airlines won the top spot for the fourth year in a row in Logistic Management Magazine’s “Quest for Quality” awards, for which it earned the highest scores in the Ontime Performance, Value, and Customer Service categories (“Southwest Airlines Cargo Earns 2009 Quest for Quality Award,” 2009). Southwest has scored higher than the overall weighted industry for 13 consecutive years, as well (“Southwest Airlines…

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  • Southwest Airlines Business Model

    Southwest Airlines Co. (SWA), the model for spending upstarts all over the place, has turned into the biggest local carrier in the United States, by number of travelers conveyed. More than 70 million travelers fly SWA every year to around 60 goals around the nation. Travelers have found that Southwest 's absolute bottom valuing makes right around another type of transportation, more in rivalry with the vehicle than different aircrafts. They will spurn in-flight dinners, things exchanges, and…

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  • Employee Internship Case Study: Southwest Airline

    Southwest Airline is one of the major airline companies in the U.S, and it has low-cost, high services carrier with top customer sanctification in the industry. Southwest Airline was founded in 1971, headquarted in Dallas, Texas. It starts with three Boeing 737 serving Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, now it has become the fourth Southwest Airline is the only and longest profitable company since 1973 in the U.S. Compare with other airlines in the industry there are many reasons that makes…

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  • Pest Analysis Of Southwest Airlines

    Southwest Airlines founded in 1967 by Rollin and Herb Kelleher is one of the largest airline in US.Its headquarters in the Texas, US which started its service in 1971. They are running in profit continuously for 41 years from 1973-2014.There core values are  South west customers are king for them  Providing short point to point service without or no hub connection.  Providing the highest customer service and giving them free and equal treatment to all.  Building friendly & cordial…

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  • Southwest Airlines Situation Analysis

    Analysis for the Passenger Airline Market Due to increased competition from other airlines such as JetBlue and Delta, who focus on the customer experience, both United Airlines (UA) and Southwest Airlines (SW) are reevaluating their corporate strategies to remain competitive in a crowded marketplace. United Airlines (UA) is one of the oldest and largest airlines in the world. Currently the airline is going through the process of upgrading its airplanes and merging with other airlines to retain…

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  • Cost Management Case Study: Southwest Airlines

    years, Southwest Airlines has been tailoring more toward the corporate customer. For example, Southwest now has business select and early bird check in. Both of these two perks have produced direct revenue for the company of about $295 million in 2013. (Bhaskar, 2014). The strategy for the company has helped make Southwest one of the biggest airlines. Southwest Airlines had a net income in 2013 of $754 million and total operating revenue were a record in 2013 of $17.7 billion. (Southwest…

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  • Southwest Airlines Culture: A Case Study

    Introduction This paper will focus on some key factors for Southwest Airlines culture which is the reason it continues to soar in the air and also within the airline business. The organization focused on the authenticity from every employee and also requires employees to focus on taking care of people, originality and enjoyment. Also, the upper echelon leadership of Southwest Airlines orchestrated a culture that helped sustain its success from year to year with continuous training programs,…

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  • Southwest Airlines Legal Case Study

    Southwest Airlines Student’s Name University Affiliation Date Southwest Airlines After its inception in 1967, Southwest Airlines has grown tremendously to become one of America’s biggest airlines. As a young company, Southwest Airlines focused mostly on the families and leisure travelers are the main pool of customers. Over the last fifteen years, it has shifted its focus to incorporate the business travelers and other tourists. After creating a good relationship with its clients, it…

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  • Southwest Airlines Culture Case Study

    Southwest airlines have long been a successful airline company and has landed top ten in FORTUNES most admired companies multiple years in a row. Southwest is widely known for sticking to their original success formula that consists of serving no meals (only snacks), charging no fees to change same-fare tickets, consisting of no assigned seating, it has no electronic entertainment on their planes, simply relying on persistently fun/outgoing flight attendants to entertain their passengers. One…

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  • Southwest Airlines's Impact On The Airline Industry

    Southwest Airlines was established in 1971 and has become one of the most successful airlines companies in the industry. Employing more than 46,000 employees that operate over 3,800 flight per day in 97 destinations (Owens). An according to site, Southwest Airlines had been “named to FORTUNE 's 2014 list of World 's Most Admired Companies for the 20th consecutive year.” The success of Southwest Airlines can be attributed to their simple operations, resisting trends within the…

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