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  • Tragedy In Sophocles Oedipus The King

    books and Oscar winning movies are dramas. Sophocles, known as one of the greatest tragedians of all time, paved the way for all the future dramatic writers. Being as talented as he was, Sophocles had a very successful and prosperous career. He competed in the prestigious Dionysian Dramatic Festival 30 times, and died with 24 victorious first places under his belt. As a result of, growing up wealthy and being taught by the best professors in Athens, Sophocles’ prolific writings were a tasteful…

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  • Aristotle: The Tragedy Of Aristotle And Sophocles

    The names Aristotle and Sophocles were well known throughout all of classical Greece. They are known for their teachings and writings. Sophocles was the most successful writer of Greek tragedies. He often won first place prizes for best tragedy. His most famous tragedy is Oedipus. In Oedipus it is foretold that the main character Oedipus will kill his father and marry his mother. Sophocles wrote another tragedy to follow the events after Oedipus called Antigone. Antigone follows the troubles…

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  • Compare And Contrast Anouilh And Sophocles

    comparison of Anouilh and Sophocles Antigone, the modern version of Sophocles original play was written in France during World War II, by Jean Anouilh to reflect the situation in France at the time and is different from the original in several ways. While Jean Anouilh was writing Antigone (1943), the Germans were occupying the country of France, which seemed to fit the story of Antigone, because a revolution had taken place. The original play, written by Sophocles in the Fifth…

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  • Foils In Antigone By Sophocles

    Everyone has family problems at one time or another, yet there 's one certain royal family that has the worst problems of them all. In the Greek tragedy called Antigone , written by Sophocles, the new king , Creon and his son, Haemon are in a conflict over how to rule the kingdom. More specifically , they 're fighting what to do with Antigone who defied her uncle, the king, and buried her brother against the law. Creon resents Antigone for disobeying his law and going against him,however on the…

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  • Strong Will In Sophocles Antigone

    human nature to be influenced by people with lots of passion and drive; Antigone exemplified strong will and determination, which eventually led off on those around her. Her ambiguous personality transformed her and the lives of other. In the play Sophocles Antigone, Antigone’s fiery determination towards her brothers and the gods changes Ismene’s ability to only see what is wrong, Creon strong desire for power, and Haimon ability to stand up to his father. Throughout the play Antigone’s…

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  • Similarities Between Sophocles And Oedipus

    Patnaik Vikram Professor Wood LMC 3102 20 October 2014 Lucretius vs Sophocles: Contrasting theories for same problem Since ancient times, supernatural ideologies have been in constant clash with scientific ideologies to provide explanations for the creation of mankind and their behavior. While on one hand there exist theories where the earth and man were created in six days by God and the first woman was made from Adam’s rib, on the other hand science explains the creation of earth and mankind…

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  • Antigone: The Tragic Hero Of Sophocles

    A tragic hero is best defined as a person of high power, such as a king or queen, who has a tragic flaw that leads to their downfall and causes the conflict of the play. Antigone is the tragic heroine of Antigone, and Creon can also be considered a tragic hero because of his role in the plot. The young woman is a person of power, since she is in line to be queen. For many, Antigone’s tragic flaw should not be considered a flaw at all. She is unbelievably loyal to her beliefs and family and that…

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  • Creon's Pride In Sophocles Antigone

    In the greek play, Antigone, by Sophocles, pride is seen throughout the story as a negative character trait that can lead to violent actions and the downfall of a man. Sophocles even states that "all men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil. The only crime is pride." This quote can be seen through the chorus when they say "Great words of boasting bring great punishments"(Sophocles 1536). Creon’s fate is shown by the chorus quote, when he…

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  • Greek Traditions In Antigone By Sophocles

    Ancient Greek plays that have been passed down throughout the centuries have allowed modern day people to have a glimpse into the lifestyles and traditions that were once prevalent. The play writer Sophocles wrote the ancient Greek tragedy, Antigone, in 441 BCE in the city of Athens. It is important for us to have a basic understanding of the time era in which this play was written in order to ensure a full appreciation of this work of art. During this era of time, Athens was deemed as one of…

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  • The Corruption Of Law In Sophocles Antigone

    Remaining for what you have confidence in and comprehending what's good and bad is vital . In the play, Antigone, Sophocles shows that through the contention of the character. The play is an outstanding disastrous show about the contention amongst Antigone and her uncle Creon who is lord of Thebes. The two characters have distinctive convictions, thoughts and assessments with respect to divine law and common law.The strife amongst common and awesome law through Antigone and Creon, demonstrates…

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