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  • Lady Q Book Report

    The book lady q is a novel by reymundo sanchez that takes place in new york the story is about a girl named sonia who is living in a abusive home she lives with her sisters mother and stepfather.In the book sonia is repeadlly sexually and phyisaclly abused by her family which leads her to hang out with her older sister who introduces her to her friends who are all in the gang the latin kings she later gose on to jointhe gang too but then rivals of the gang go to her school so she ends up…

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  • The Horrors Of Pathos In Enrique's Journey By Sonia Nazario

    of immigrants is one that has become a controversial topic recently. It is a topic that is receiving mass amounts of media coverage lately in the United States. No other journalist has taken the extreme measures that Sonia Nazario has, in order for her to write Enrique’s Journey. Sonia Nazario reproduces the extensive journey taken by Enrique in order to reunite with his mother in the United States. Enrique, the protagonist of her novel, faces many difficulties over his 1,200-mile journey.…

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  • Underground Railroad

    with a better quality of life. These slaves often utilized a system known as the underground railroad, as a transit way to a better life. While the railways African slaves utilized were not railroads in the literal sense, the illegal immigrants in Sonia Nazario’s book Enrique’s Journey ride along an actual rail network. This train, like the underground railroad, serves as a transit way for illegal immigrants seeking salvation from…

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  • The Black Arts Movement

    by writer and activist Amiri Baraka, considered the father of the Black Arts Movement. This national movement was initiated after the assassination of Malcom X. Many well-known writers were involved with the movement including: Nikki Giovanni, Sonia Sanchez, Maya Angelou, and Larry Neal. Many may considered the Black Arts movement to be compared to the Women Suffrage Era. This is in comparison due to artists trying to find different ways to let out their emotions and stress. Whereas, the women…

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  • African American English Language

    Sonia Sanchez wrote in her collections of poems It’s A New Day, “We gon be some beautiful/ black/ women gon move like the queens we gon be full”(Sanchez,17). Like this example, Sanchez often writes in African American English. African American English (AAE) is commonly referred to as Ebonics, as well as black speech, black vernacular, and several other phrases. According to William Labov, “This African American Vernacular English shares most of its grammar and vocabulary with other dialects of…

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  • What Is W. E. B. Dubois Concept Of Double Consciousness

    black people. Additionally, black people struggle to find their identity, making them have “double-consciousness” (5). The concepts of the veil and double-consciousness depict within the poems “The Beard” by Amit Majmudar, “liberation/poem” by Sonia Sanchez, and “Ka ’Ba” by Amiri Baraka. Racism can cause…. The color of their skin is the representation of the veil because society has created a barrier within blacks and whites. It is their destiny to be black and they cannot avoid the…

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  • The Black Arts Movement In The Dutchman By Amiri Baraka

    The Black Arts Movement was the name given to writers, black poets, dramatists, musicians, and artists who appeared in the wake of the Black Power movement. The movement was established by Amiri Baraka in 1963, who opened a Black Arts Repertory theater in Harlem. The movement was also provoked by the assassination of Malcolm X. The movement inspired black people to initiate magazines, journals, art institutions, and publishing houses. The black arts movement saw artistic manufacture as the key…

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  • Analysis Of Ta-Nehisi Coates Between The World And Me

    Throughout his novel Between the World and me, Ta-Nehisi Coates seeks to answer the question: “how do I live free in this black body?” (12). While attempting to answer this question, he analyzes America’s institutions of education. Coates’s initial critique is, “I sensed that the fear that marked West Baltimore could not be explained by the schools. Schools did not reveal truths, they concealed them,” (27). He is absolutely right. Institutionalized education restricts curiosity, fails to…

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  • A Globe Of Unknown People By Nadine Gordimer

    CHAPTER ONE The governmental inspiration based on the impact of inter-European energy challenges and competitors for preeminence. People from France, and Italy were competitive for energy within Western energy state policies. One way to demonstrate national preeminence was through the getting places around the world, including African-American. The public factor was the third significant element. As a result of industrialization, significant public issues grew in Europe: lack of employment,…

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