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  • Idioms And Slang Idioms?

    grammar. (Lingualy, 2015). A good example of this would be, "You can't have your cake and eat it too." This idiom is saying that in some situations in life, you cannot have it both ways. On the other side, Slang vocabulary is informal street language words (Lingualy, 2015). Slang vocabulary is the words you will not find in a dictionary because most of the time they are created through different cultural groups. People make up new Slang s every day (Real Life Blog, 2015). 2.…

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  • Translation Challenges Essay

    because language itself is very complex. According to the Linguistic Society of America, there are roughly 6,909 languages in the world. Each language offers a complex set of rules in which they operate, rules that a translator must follow. It is because of such complexities that translations tend to be subject to context errors and cultural mistakes. In this essay I will discuss examples of such errors as well as the challenges that translation faces. COMPLEX LANGUAGES Complex languages like…

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  • Cultural Criticism In Anita Desai's In Custody

    Shahjahanabad has been a contested site culturally, historically and geographically. Not surprising, therefore, that the literary expressions engaging with this disputed space have had to work their way through many negotiations and contradictions. ‘Culture’ has figured centrally in all discourses arising in and from this space in all senses of the term as Shahjahanabad (alternatively referred to as ‘Dilli’ and post-independence, ‘Old Delhi’) has boasted of a heady and unique “way of life”,…

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  • Theme Of Pride In Othello

    One of the many kinds of valuable lessons that can be taught is through experience. Out of the many lessons out there, this lesson is very important and prominent in literature: what we value and treasure can only be determined only by what we sacrifice. There are many pieces of work that emphasize this lesson and theme. For example, in William Shakespeare’s work of art, Othello was one of the many books that showed this theme. In the tragedy, Othello’s actions result in the death of his dear…

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  • The Importance Of Translation In Culture

    daily in life. We translate our feelings into actions, and our ideas, thoughts, and knowledge into word. But the formal term of translation deals with languages, it is basically changing words from one language into another. Translation in history has been through three main periods. The first one was the beginning of the christian era where many languages interacted to create the new christian civilisation. The second was begins with the birth of Islam in the seventeenth century and culminates…

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  • Sanganer Case Study

    SANGANER-BLOCK PRINT CLUSTER Introduction- Rajasthan has a rich craft and cultural heritage.Among the various crafts the most practiced and known craft is hand block printing. Printing is done at several places in Rajasthan and each place has its unique impact on the craft, due to historical, cultural and geographical impact and influences. Every region has developed its own style. The region of Sanganer has emerged as one such centre for the well known craft of hand block printing. Village…

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  • Character Analysis Of Robby

    Wideman struggles with his ability to listen to his brother, as he explains to the reader how he feels talking to his brother for the first time in six years he states “In the prison visiting lounge I acted toward my brother the way I’d been acting toward him all my life, heard what I wanted to hear, rejected the rest” (p.671). Wideman and his brother shared a lot of the same traits growing up, they both were popular kids that loved to entertain and be the center of attention, and because of…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Weeping Willow Tree

    Word count: 640 The Weeping Willow Tree My tree was down the hill from my grandparent’s house in North Carolina. The tree I called mine was a gigantic weeping willow. It was my place to where I could be alone, where reality could be left behind, and where I could daydream. This massive weeping willow tree was my private place where I could be all alone. It seemed to stretch up to the sky, letting the light come through in shafts through a canopy of green leaves, and long skinny branches…

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  • Analysis Of Jalan Ke Makkaah

    INTRODUCTION I read ‘Road to Mecca’ in Indonesia version. ‘Jalan ke Makkah’ was translated by Fuad Hashem. Although it is in Indonesia, it makes me more understand and feel the story rather than in English version. However, there is a little bit difficult for me to digest certain Indonesian word. But it is not hinder me to follow the story and the lesson that the writers want to enlighten. I learn a lot of lesson from the journey of Muhammad Asad. Although in the beginning of my reading, I feel…

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  • Importance Of Culture In Malaysia

    It was created to let the human able to communicate with each other in a same language as they had a common living place and time. The functions of the culture are to form a system and management of methods to survive. It also acted as a representation for the way of behaving and what outcome is expected from such behavior. The elements of culture consisted of religion, history, values, social organizations and language. Religions are for providing rules for certain way of acting which will…

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