Solubility equilibrium

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  • Advantages Of Ointments

    Topical ointments Introduction: An ointment is semi solid topical preparation applied to external application with rubbing effect. It may be a vehicle or media for a drug or it may serve like a protective or emollient. Ointments show plastic flow characteristics. When the ointment is applied it is definite yield value and the resistant to flow drops as the applications to the skin is continued. Body: • Uses : There are two types of ointments: A- Medicated: used to treat different…

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  • Extraction Process Analysis Essay

    2.2. Extraction process analysis The solvent is fed from the bottom and broth from the top since the mass separation agent or solvent has a lower density than the aqueous mixture. The raffinate phase contains most of water and traces of HAc, and solvent, whereas the extract phase includes most of the solvent, HAc, and traces of water. The amount and composition of the mixed solvent significantly important for the process economy because it directly affects the composition of HAc in the extract…

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  • Formulae Of Levodopa Floating Tablets

    CHAPTER-V FORMULATION AND EVALUATION OF LEVODOPA FLOATING TABLETS FORMULATION AND EVALUATION OF LEVODOPA FLOATING TABLETS Several approaches are currently used to retain the dosage form in the stomach. The principle of the floating tablets is simple and practically approach to achieve increased gastric residence time to obtain controlled release floating tablets designed based on the gas generating principle needs a strong floating matrix former. In this regard HPMC K4M,…

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  • The Importance Of Turbidity And Atomic Spectroscopy

    conductivity, turbidity, suspended solids were measured in the lab. Temperature influences rate of biochemical rate of reaction in the water reserves. As for every 10oC rise in temperature the rate becomes double. Increase in temperature decreases the solubility of gases in water. It also increases the respiration of organisms present in the water and increases the rate of decomposition of organic matter. The temperature of the surface water varies between, while for ground water it varies as …

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  • Propylene Glycol Production Process Report

    Chapter 3 Process description and modeling 3.1 Process Description of Propylene Glycol Production Process The physical properties of propylene glycol are colourless and clear syrupy liquid when exists at room temperature. Besides than in liquid form, it also may exists in vapor form in air. In order to produce a colourless and odourless chemical, propylene glycol (C3H8O2, PG) involve in the reaction of propylene oxide and water. This involve the process of the hydrolysis of propylene oxide…

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  • Importance Of Biopharmaceutics

    They are the basic and universally acceptable factors put into consideration for examination of drug product development. Physiochemical nature of the drug, rate of solubility and dissolution rate of the drug are essential Biopharmaceutical factors considered in drug product development. It provides the scientific platform for drug product design and development. These factors if maintained and controlled ensures that…

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  • Benzoic Acid Synthesis

    separation, mechanisms, acid-base reactions, evaporation, recrystallization, and identification. The goal of this experiment was to identify the unknown mixture of two compounds. The two compounds were separated first by altering the acid components solubility through deprotonation, and then protonating the acid component again to form the separated precipitate. The ether in the neutral layer was evaporated, and the residue was recrystallized. The crystals were subject to a melting point…

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  • Enzyme Test Lab Report

    For the first part, the qualitative polyphenol oxidase test (Table 1), we looked at 3 qualitative test tubes, where only test tube 2 turned orange since this tube had both the 40 mM dopa, the substrate and PPO enzyme extract. However, the test tube 3 did have a cloudy component because of the presence of PPO extract, but there was no color change. For a color change to occur, there needs to be a presence of both the dopa and PPO extract. Furthermore, we calculated the final concentrations of…

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  • Essay On Sugammadex

    When administered, sugammadex forms a water-soluble complex with aminosteroid non-depolarizing agents, thereby reversing NMB.22 Sugammadex has an affinity for aminosteroids as follows: rucoronium> vecuronium> pancuronium.1 Specifically, sugammadex is 2.5 times more selective for rocuronium than vecuronium.23 Sugammadex acts three to eight times faster than neostigmine to reverse a NMB.24 Due to its highly selective reversal of rocuronium-induced NMB, there is a new but growing interest in…

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  • Glutathione Peroxidase Lab Report Antioxidant assays in gastric tissue homogenate Catalase activity Catalase activity in the gastric tissue was measured according to the procedures of Sinha (1972). One ml of homogenate solution was taken and mixed with 5 ml of phosphate buffer of pH 7.4. To this 4 ml of 0.2 M H2O2 was added and time noted. Exactly after 180 seconds of adding H2O2, a set of 1ml of reaction mixture from the above was taken and 2 ml dichromate acetic acid was added. It was then kept in a boiling…

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