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  • Cellular Respiration Essay

    exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide. They allow investigation of how other factors like, age, temperature, and chemicals, effect respiration rate. The KOH that is added to the cotton in the experiment is used to absorb the CO2 and convert it into a solid precipitate. Water moves within the pipette because as an organism takes up O2, it generates a proportional amount of CO2, however, because the CO2 is absorbed by the KOH, this results in a drop in pressure inside the respirometer, because of…

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  • Unknown Bacteria Essay

    Introduction Identifying unknown bacterium is not only vital to microbiology, but also to the medical and pharmaceutical industries in order to treat disease/infection properly. Bacteria are classified and identified to distinguish among strains and to group them by criteria of interest (1). There are several different procedures that can be utilized to identify a bacterium. This includes the oxidation test, gram stain, and catalase test. The purpose of this lab report is to show the…

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  • Importance Of Water In Our Life

    processes has developed over billions of years. Water has unique chemical and physical properties that make life on Earth possible; it plays a key role in the cycling nutrients on our planet and it is the only common substance that you can find as a solid, a liquid, and a gas. Water exists in every living being, it provides a base for vital metabolic reactions to occur in. Water is used in photosynthesis by plants, which produce oxygen – this reaction is vital for the Earth as the oxygen…

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  • Ethical And Legal Dilemmas In Nursing

    With the Right to Die Act passing here in Colorado we as future nurses will be part of this change and need to have a solid foundation. Part of nursing is the relief of suffering and when we witness our patients in pain it can hinder our rationales. Nurses are either unclear about what the right thing to do is or the nurse can see what should be done but can not perform…

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  • How To Measure You Live Essay

    by this book, at a time in my life that it is important to understand what exactly motivates me and my plan to get to where I hope to go. Which is why these are the two topics I will discuss. So, what makes me tick? Well, growing up, I never had a solid family foundation. My parents spilt at a very young age. My mother and my sisters and I, all moved to from Morgantown to Elkins. Elkins is where I spent most of my life. It is also where I met my best friends, went to school, and became the…

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  • Fish Out Of The Air Film Analysis

    opportunity to explain solid moral issues about immortality and the advances of science. There are solid themes about survival. The strength of this script is the character of Theo. He’s an easy protagonist to care about and root for. The idea of him living in an underground world and being forced into the above world is a very smart story choice. There’s a nice element of a “fish out of water” tale. The other strength is the idea of Theo teaming up with Shane. They share solid buddy…

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  • Life Cycle Assessment

    In developed and developing countries with growing population, consumerism and industrial development, the management of municipal solid waste (MSW) is monumental for sustainable development, because all human activities generate waste. This has significant impact on the environment (hazardous gas emissions), economy (disposal cost) and health (DEFRA, 2011). About 3 billion tonnes of MSW are generated in Europe annually (EC, 2010). Fig 1.1 shows the municipal waste generation by EU countries…

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  • Gas Chromatography Lab

    for spiked dollar bills. The two extraction methods were liquid-liquid extraction and solid phase extraction. This lab had some difficulties due to the less than ideal separation the of cocaine and doxepin peaks on chromatograms. The proposed idea was to change the parameters used in the GC/MS instrument to possibly obtain better separation. The part of that lab that would be specifically focused in on is the solid phase extraction. This extraction involves an elution step involving methanol as…

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  • The Camariid Period: The Ordovician Period

    1. Explain why Earth and other planets were not solid when they formed during the beginning of the Precambrian, approximately 4,600 million years ago (MYA) The Precambrian period was also known as the Hadean and the reason why it was not solid yet was that the planets of the solar system were just starting to form and they were not even solid rocks yet they were just starting to form from dust particles. 2. What was this particular time period called? This particular period was called the…

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  • The Lake-Personal Narrative

    frozen solid the tops of the trees disappearing into the ongoing distance; no one around for miles. You could see strands of stray snowflakes falling from the ground. At the tip of Hogwarts stands a young witch taking in the sights of the barren lake. *Stella’s POV* I breathed out my breath coming in a stream of cold air; I searched behind me to see if anyone had followed me down after a quick look over I knelt down to put the palm of my hand on the ice I knocked on it. “Still frozen solid;…

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