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  • Water Conductivity Summary

    ability of water to pass an electrical current.” This makes sense as to why in the experiment, distilled must be poured on the powders. The source continues to explain that the conductivity of a substance is affected by inorganic solids being dissolved into water. Inorganic solids inside of water have a very low conductivity, so if a powder is tested and it has a very low conductivity, it…

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  • Synthesis Of Trans-Cinnomine Synthesis

    compound. In a syn-addition, the attach to the same side of the alkene. The reaction synthesis was completed by using a reflux system to produce to crude product, and a vacuum filter to yield a solid, crude product. Recrystallization of the solid product was performed, allowing the impurities of the solid to be removed while slowly crystallizing and the product. The melting point of the final recrystallized product was taken to compare and…

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  • Comparing Kinetic And Mechanical Waves

    A. WAVES Normally when energy is transferred from one place to another a disturbance is involved. Waves can travel through air, water, and solid materials. Mechanical and electromagnetic waves are the two types of waves. Medium is the material in which a wave travels. Mechanical Waves When a source of energy causes a medium to vibrate, a mechanical wave is formed. Mechanical waves require a medium to travel. There are two different types of mechanical waves: longitudinal and transverse waves.…

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  • Barium Sulfate Gravimetric Method

    1.0. Synopsis The objective of this experiment is to use the gravimetric method to determine the concentration of sulfate. Gravimetric analysis is a method used to determine the mass or concentration of a substance by measuring a change in mass. To determine the concentration of the sulfate, the precipitation of Barium sulfate is done first by adding the sulfate solution with hydrochloric acid, then heating while stirring it. Next is the washing and filtration of the Barium Sulfate precipitate,…

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  • History Of The Civil Rights Trial: An Unfair Trial

    accusations that they had been raped by the nine boys with no solid evidence. The trial was unfair because…

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  • Anion Test Lab Report

    According to Herman and Schafer, it is important to remember that precipitates are ionic solid products of a reaction and are formed when cations and anions intermix in an aqueous solution.3 Some reactions vary based on temperature or solute concentration. The determination of precipitates also come from solubility rules. According to Cooper…

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  • Faq Tackle Rhetorical Analysis

    When using a solid bag rig a inline lead is essential. I personally use a Korda 3oz square pear cause I know that always nails the carp in the bottom lip. What’s your favourite Korda products? I use all different products by Korda because of the quality and also there…

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  • Essay On The Enlightenment Vs French Revolution

    These Revolutions had more similar than it may show up regardless of the slight distinction in the time period and national histories. They were both responses against harsh and tyrant monarchies that saddled intensely and endeavored to control and the Americans and French both responded to some extent as a result of Enlightenment goals. While distinctive circumstances affected the administrations being opposed and there were diverse demographics of supporters, these upheavals had comparative…

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  • Nt1310 Unit 2 Discussion Questions

    excited about the unit 5 assignment as it will provide a solid platform to put my strategic marketing planning skills to good use, I am also aware that it is going to be a challenging process. An overarching question that I have about the unit 5 assignment is what is the scope of the assignment? I understand that product launch is not a one-off event but it has far-reaching impacts on customer satisfaction and profitability. Hence, a solid approach should be adopted to eliminate hitches and…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Game

    “Alright now Skin, I need you to be my leadoff here and get a rally going!” I do not respond, because I obviously know how important this one at bat is for the team and for myself. One thing coach loves doing, making sure I know how much I am accountable for. There is no comment to explain to me of how dependent I am on these upcoming moments for the team, so don’t make it any worse. To start off and to have the power to set the tone of the whole inning. I have never studied on another human…

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