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  • Why Are Newton's Three Laws Important In Car Safety

    Newton’s three laws are important in car safety. When a car crashes, the passengers and the car it self, slow down quickly, which causes harm to the passengers. A car crash comes with an immense force, because of the quick stop. Newer cars have safety features that soak up the kinetic energy in collisions, which are; seat belts, air bags and crumple zones. Kinetic energy is the energy of motion. The kinetic energy of an object is the energy it owns because of its motion. These safety features…

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  • Becoming A Pedestrian Essay

    A lot of lessons that we can learn from this ‘Pedestrian is King’ seminar. Nowadays, most of the people use the cars to go everywhere they want because maybe it is easier than taking a walk. But actually it is not accurate at all. There a lot of narrow road in our city especially in town, but people still drive dangerously without looking at their surroundings. In other country such as in Japan, most of them are pedestrians. It is good to be pedestrians because we can decrease the pollution,…

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  • Facts About Driverless Cars

    robotic car is an automated vehicle capable of complete the transportation capabilities of a traditional car. Driverless car sense their environments with such technologies like radar, lidar, GPS, and computer vision. Advanced control systems interpret sensory data to identify and analyse appropriate navigation paths, as well as obstacles and relevant signage. By definition, automated vehicles are capable of updating their maps based on sensory input, allowing the vehicles to keep track of their…

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  • Driving System In America

    The driving in America is filled with flaws that can affect the lives of many people around America. The driving system should be more strict to prevent any kind of harm or damage to the people or the environment. Vehicles are one of the main causes of pollution rates, raising everyday and it can pose health problems (“Controlling…”). Along with that fact, the leading cause of teenage deaths is traffic accidents (“Teen…”). A safer driving system is important and could exist by raising age…

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  • What Are The Helpful Ways Of Electric Vehicle

    Ian Slater ; NATS 1840 Helpful Ways of Electric Vehicles around our Atmosphere Rabisa Sukummar ; 213035191 Helpful Ways of Electric Vehicles around our Atmosphere Vehicles have become extremely significant to today’s community. It is essential to own a car that can compete amongst a world that is currently developing towards an individual satisfactory. Most individuals are usually gifted to wander around the world without this piece of equipment, because it gives self-government and…

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  • Brownsville Museum Reaction Paper

    World War eras. Each land vehicle presented a short information sheet describing their significance. For example, the Jeeps served as the inexpensive yet highly reliable transportation for the military at the time. The Dodge Scout Car were the top of the line off-roaders during the WWII era. Although they were originally manufactured for American usage, German soldiers captured some of these vehicles in a couple of treks in Africa and the European forests. Like the vehicles, the collection of…

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  • The Importance Of Autonomous Cars: What Is Their Place In Society

    technology community to the people if these products were to actually come to fruition. Many Americans will not be okay with giving up their freedom of picking a vehicle, the ability of owning a vehicle, and the freedom of driving wherever and whenever they choose, especially people of rural communities. If you examine the best-selling vehicles of 2015, the top three are pickup trucks, the F-150, Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra twins, and the Ram 1500. Americans love to be able to do things…

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  • Causes Of Distracted Driving

    Everyday Americans are always on route to work, school, or play. Cars are constantly passing each other every day, but nobody really knows what happens inside of the vehicle. Distracted Driving is an issue that affects and changes many people’s lives daily. From the victim to the suspect of the accident, both sides are impacted greatly. Some of the problems do not even come from the distracted drivers themselves. Cell phone companies and automakers are coming up with the most up to date…

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  • Compare And Contrast Cars

    Compare and Contrast Cars Cars are built for many different reasons. Some are built to go lightning fast,while others are made to transport goods across a country. Cars influence our everyday lives. From getting dropped off at school, to scrounging up enough money for your first set of wheels. At the same time, we all want the best high end cars on the market. Many people can’t afford this type of luxury, but a great percentage of people have intentions to own their dream car. I personally have…

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  • Fog Lights Research Paper

    Learn in 10 minutes on how to turn on fog lights Why is it important to understand about fog lights? As the name suggests, Fog lights in a car are for you to get the required visibility while driving through mist or thick fog. You can also use them in other conditions when the visibility is limited. The fog light units are separate units from the headlights. The headlights don't help for visibility in the fog as they reflect off the fog or dust causing glare. A common question the new drivers…

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