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  • Solar Energy Policy Analysis

    potential the solar market possesses. In 2014 the Energy Department launched the Solar Ready Vets Program, aiming to train 25,000 veterans to install solar equipment by 2025, and already three of the largest American solar companies, Vivint Solar, SolarCity, and SunPower, have committed to the new program (US Official News 2014a). Meanwhile Obama and the Energy Department have created new training programs at community colleges to help 50,000 people enter the solar industry by 2020 (Eilperin…

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  • Tesla Motors Case

    More than 10 years ago, on the 2nd of August 2006, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, unveiled his now infamous Product Masterplan. Summary of the document reads as follows: “Build a sports car. Use that money to build an affordable car. Use that money to build an even more affordable car. While doing above, also provide zero emission electric power generation options. Don’t tell anyone.“ Needless to say, Tesla Motors is on its way to tick every single box of the plan. Tesla’s 4th generation vehicle,…

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  • Analysis Of Chapter One: A Stagnant Decision Lead To Future Detention

    Apple and founder of NeXT, Sergey Brin a Co-founder of Google, “Aliko Dangote” a successful entrepreneurer and owner of Dangote Group, “Elun Musk” also a successful entrepreneurer, inventor, investor, and engineer he is recognized for Hyperloop, SolarCity, SapceX, Tesla Inc, OpenAi, the boring Company, Zip2 and Neuralink,…

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  • Google's Invasion Of Privacy Analysis

    With the continuing development of the Internet, the center stage of individual, business, and government discussions became a new globally sought after resource, data. Since its origin, Internet users have been warned about the dangers of posting personal, intimate information publicly; however, recent events have shifted privacy discussions away from discouraging posting ill-advised information to bringing awareness to under the radar data collection. Data is a very broad term that encompasses…

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  • Elon Musk: Cognition And Personalization

    amplified when leaders from both companies (Elon from and Mark and Peter from Confinity). • Personal Variable – This is the main condition that led to the conflict. Mark and Peter found it very difficult to deal with Elon’s strong personality and opinion and only two months after the merger Peter resigned and left the company. That left Elon and Mark to work together and the lack of communication and understanding grew as the time passed. Stage II: Cognition and Personalization During…

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  • Elon Musk Case

    BSBINN502 Assessment Task 1 Part 1A Research Report on an Innovation System 1.1 The Profile of Elon Musk Elon Musk is the CEO and CTO of SpaceX, CEO, Chief Product Architect of Tesla Motors, Chairman of SolarCity, and Co-founder of PayPal. Musk is also involved in developing a high-speed transportation system known as Hyperloop. Elon Musk invests in the projects which can positively change our world. He is not only an entrepreneur but also an inventor, an innovator, and an engineer. Musk…

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  • What Is Tesla's Supercharging System?

    A world that is increasingly becoming unstable as time goes by because of human activity, it would seem logical for humanity to come together and form a solution to stopping something that is one day going to be extremely chaotic.Tesla motors is more than a car company, it 's a technology company. They base most of their revenue from cars and batteries but are starting to really enter a new bracket as an environmentalist company as well. They created plan which involved the creation of an…

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  • Solar Energy Standard

    The Minimum Standard of Solar Energy Energy sources are the center of political debates at state and local levels of government. When communities, organizations, and political entities give their opinions, there will be issues arising from many directions. Choosing the most appropriate energy source, in terms of sustainability, cost efficiency, and economic prosperity is a complex task. Choosing what to incentivize and what to get away from is a more realistic approach. For the state of Colorado…

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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of Tesla Motors

    Pierre Lys Tesla Motors Tesla is quite an interesting company that seems to be ahead of the game In terms of car manufacturing. They have set out to try to be the most cost efficient company there is. CEO Elon Musk has a wide range of great ideas that have to do with saving our ecosystem and our money due to the use of solar panels. Although Elon Musk is trying to save us money is he really benefiting his company along the journey? Join me as we take a deeper look into the company Tesla one of…

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  • My Portfolio Essay

    Portfolio report I started my portfolio with a starting balance of $500,000. This is the cash amount, which was provided. I needed to follow the provided instructions on asset allocation. According to the instructions, I was supposed to allocate my initial investment as follows; Future contracts $20,500, individual stocks $250,0000, Individual bonds $100,000, Mutual funds/ETFs $100,000 and hold $29,500 in cash. In choosing the stock I had to take into considerations the various risks as well as…

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