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  • Mobile Application Security: Security And Complications Of Mobile Security

    Mobile users comprises up a larger portion than desktop users despite generally being seen as less secure platform their desktop counterparts. For this growing group of users, mobile application security is a big concern. It was found that 82% of consumers would change applications if an alternative app was more secure (Arxan Technologies 2016). This is particularly important as there are major vulnerabilities in popular applications that could potentially shift large user bases. In 2014 it was…

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  • Benefits Of Open Source Software

    What is Open Source? Much of the software created in today’s world is created by a company who then has total control over modifying, distributing, monetizing, and granting rights for it. This means that users who purchase the software cannot modify it, share it, and may not actually own it. On the other hand, Open Source software has its code available on the internet for anyone to inspect, copy, modify, and distribute. This makes it cheaper than closed source software, more secure, free to…

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  • Disadvantages Of Unit Testing

    3. Types of Testing 3.1. Unit Testing 3.1.1. Definition Unit testing (microsoft) is a first level of software testing where a unit/component of software was tested to match requirements. Generally Unit testing is performed by developers or its peers. Sometimes independent software testers are used to do Unit testing. Unit testing is also referred as component testing. Before integrating the modules, the unit or piece of code is identified as a component and complete testing was carried out…

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  • Pcb Fabrication Case Study

    Understanding Various Aspects of PCB Fabrication PCB fabrication is one of the services that comes under the category of printed circuit board manufacturing. A combination of extensive knowledge, latest design software, and high grade equipment is the key to creating PCBs of various types. These include single and double sided, multi-layered, and HDI products. In PCB fabrication, the manufacturer actually puts the design into place to create a tangible product. What Does PCB Fabrication Entail?…

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  • The Importance Of Having Out Of Date Computers?

    The University of Texas at Dallas has many great qualities. Some of these include a small campus for easy walking distance, 24/5 library, Activity center, and the usual college amenities. I have been at UTD for 2 years and ongoing in my 5th semester as a junior. Up till this point I’ve never noticed anything that was wrong with the campus, besides the constant construction, making every path blocked off and having to detour five minutes to get across campus. Though in my junior year I’ve noticed…

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  • Scholarship Essay: What Are You Going To Do After High School?

    out of high school?”. Usually leading up to senior year you have a plan to go to a certain school or job. My goal for after high school is to go to college for cyber security and software engineer which should enable me to go into a broad spectrum of different jobs. When preparing for my career in cybersecurity and software engineering, I have to think about where I would like to go to school and how to plan for that. My current plan for pursuing an education is to go to Gilbert Community…

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  • Devops: A Case Study

    based on agile and lean that unites the development and operation tasks of a software development. With DevOps most of the development and release processes are automated. Automation in-turn results in fast flow of planned work, with increased stable, reliable and secured product. Figure 1 - Diagram from depicting DevOps as the intersection of development (software engineering), operations and quality assurance…

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  • Jj International Management Information System

    with an appropriate predictive models (Kong, 2014). Business value decision backed up by data, so that they can have that competitive edge over its competitors (Rouse, 2013). Reliance upon quality data is the main goals and focus of a firm along with the MIS analysis interpretation (Rouse,…

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  • My Experience Of My Internship By Beverly Hills Cab Company

    I started my internship by Beverly Hills Cab Company from September 2015. The company is committed to serve their stakeholders, such as customers, vendors, and employees with courtesy, reliability, and quality. The Company is a multi-purpose cab company that serves in different areas, such as airport service, tours, medical visits, a day or night on the town, senior services, wheelchair accessible van, errands, and hotel transport. The company has eight office employees, and fluctuating number…

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  • 1. What Are You Looking For In A Career?

    Between my car and my computer desk, if anything is out of place, it bothers me until I fix it. You must be helpful: No matter what task it is I want to work hard and please my employer and customers. You must have good knowledge about computers and software: As stated when answering the previous questions, I have quite a background and knowledge of computers. I even run and maintain a website just for my High School Band. You must be eager to advance: Since I am seeking a career and college…

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