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  • Brown Bears Vs Polar Bears

    • Polar bears and brown bears can produce a hybrid offspring • Polar bears evolved from brown bears • The timing of when polar bears first appeared is vital because it determines when they have experienced warm periods with little sea ice historically • Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) – relationships based on differences in a group of genes • The polar bear genome discovered alterations in genes related to the development of the heart, cardiovascular function and lipid metabolism – this is why…

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  • The Giant Panda And Animals In The Bear Family

    Giant Panda taxonomic classification was being debated since the animal shared both characteristics with bears and raccoons. However, molecular studies suggest that Giant Pandas belong in the bear family. The Giant Panda belongs in the Urisdae, although they have a different early history from the main Ursine stock. The closets relative that the Giant Panda has in the family is the Spectacled Bear of South America. Although, the Red Panda has yet to be classified in which family it belongs, it…

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  • Human Behavior Of Wild Animals

    uneducated about animal behaviours will see wild animals as one of the following, “a fearsome predator or benign teddy bear.” On the one hand, violent experiences in zoos are often triggered by children believing that the animals will do them no harm. For example, children that see fluffy panda bears at a zoo may be tempted to enter an enclosure expecting to experience a large teddy bear. Earlier this year, in May, a child fell into the gorilla exhibit inhabited by Harambe, a critically…

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  • The Big Blue Bear Analysis

    At the Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver lurks a huge blue bear outside of the building. A local artist named Lawrence Argent created the blue bear out of alloy steel and fiberglass. Argent’s sculpture is titled I See What You Mean also known as The Big Blue Bear. The bear stands 40 feet tall and was installed in 2005. Argent was born in England and went to the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, in Australia to train in sculpturing. Currently, Argent is a professor and Head…

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  • Sarajevo Bear Poem Analysis

    Sarajevo Bear by Walter Pavlich What idea(s) does this poem suggest to you about hopelessness and ambitions? As one goes through life and tries to pursue one’s ambition, one sometimes hits upon hopelessness. The poem Sarajevo Bear deals with ambition and hopelessness. The Bosnians’ ambition was so powerful that it overcame the hopelessness of the situation. Ambition may be defined as “a strong desire to do or achieve something typically requiring determination and hard work.”1 The…

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  • Giant Panda Natural Selection

    country. Enemies: tiger, panther and wolf. Color: Normally black and white, there are some white ones, which are mostly found in the wild. Most pandas have large sizes that have black and white coloring. Features: Panda’s have a body shape of bears they also have black fur on their ears, eyes, nose, mouth, legs, arms and shoulders. It also has light brown fur on belly and the rest of the coat is white, Panda also…

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  • Summary Of A Short Story: Cole Passed Away

    more like best friends over time. Till this day Cole stills carves totems. Being on the island really helps Cole with his anger. Cole now knows how to handle with his anger. Cole have many different carved totems. Cole now have a carving of the spirit bear. Ever since the dance of anger, Cole finally figured how to contain anger. After 5 years Cole is the calmest person on earth. Tomorrow is the day Peter visit Cole. That morning Peter showed up angry. He was mad that he couldn’t make babies.…

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  • Polar Bear Experiment Hypothesis

    Would there be a difference in the fitness of polar bears due to their fur length in the Artic region? The scientific name of a polar bear is Ursus maritimus, meaning that it is a “marine mammal” (National Wildlife Federation). Even though polar bears do spend time on land, they tend to spend most of their time in the sea, hence why they are considered a “marine mammal”. Their fur is “hollow and reflects light” and this allows for the bear to have white fur phenotype(Lockwood,S.). Not only does…

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  • Causes Of The Mandela Effect

    Mandela Effect is suggest reasoning. One of the most famous examples of the Mandela Effect can be explained with suggested reasoning. This theory is that the last name has changed of a family of bears that every child should be familiar with, the Berenstain bears- or is it Berenstein bears. The name of the actual bear family is Berenstain, but growing up some may remember it as Berenstein, well to explain this sudden change is suggested reasoning. The suffix -stein is far more popular than the…

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  • Polar Bears: Necessary Due To Global Warming

    Polar Bears Did you know that polar bears have lived on earth for more than 150,000 to 1.7 million years? The first polar bear was found by Constantine John Phipps in 1774. Polar bears are in serious danger of going extinct due to global warming. Did you know that polar bears can be pregnant from 195 - 265 days? Polar bears are only found in the Arctic. Their frequently seen along or near coasts. The most important habitats for polar bears are the edges of pack ice, where…

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