Smokey Bear

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  • Meaning Of Totem Pole

    I would like to be swift, respond quickly. Now for the bear, the reason I have chosen this animal for my past is because it means Industrious, instinctive, healing, power, sovereignty, guardian of the world, watcher, courage, willpower, self-preservation, introspection, and great strength. In the past, I had all of what is in the description of the bear and that is why I have chosen the bear for my past on my totem pole. The bull and bear are both physically strong and aggressive, but the…

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  • Timothy Treadwell: A Preventable Tragedy

    Grizzly Bears are ferocious, furry creatures that may appear to be soft and cuddly but come armed with sharp claws, and huge teeth. The males can weigh up to 600 pounds and the females can weigh up to 440 pounds. Every year in North America alone there are at least three fatalities of humans who are mauled by bears. According to Boy Scouts of America the best advice to prevent attacks from Grizzly Bears is to avoid them all together. If someone must travel through the habitat of a bear it is…

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  • Eric Carle's Effect On Children

    Writing children’s books is a special way to interact and often influence many generations of children. To make a lasting and favorable affect the artist has to get to the heart of a child and meet them where they live as well as spark their curiosity. There have been many well known artists and illustrators who have achieved this high level of notoriety, Eric Carle is of my favorites for children. Eric Carle has a special way to reach out to the children, through color, shape, and words. Each…

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  • Bigfoot Conspiracy Theory

    or not, there is a large amount proving his existence. Bigfoot is real because, there are numerous sightings and lots of footprints. Bigfoot is incredibly good at hiding, which is why it is so hard to find bigfoot. They are commonly mistaken as a bear and other common creatures instead of bigfoot. Nearly one-third of Americans believe in bigfoot. Rob Lowe claims to have seen bigfoot while filming his new tv show. Jeffrey Gonzalez claimed that he spotted bigfoot in Northern Carolina, and…

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  • Red Panda Research Paper

    The red panda, also known as a lesser panda or Ailurus Fulgens, is a mammal native to southwestern China and eastern Himalayas. Since 1996 it has been labeled as an endangered species. It is also the last representative of the family Ailuridae and although it may have panda in its name, it is not related to the giant panda which is of the Ursidae family. The red panda has reddish-brown hair along with a long and furry tail. It is slightly larger than a domestic cat and feeds mainly on…

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  • Berry Gordy Biography

    During the year of 1959, Berry Gordy, who was an African American songwriter, founded “Motown Records”. With a loan of close to $800 which came from his family. Gordy managed to create the company that later came to be known as “Motown Records Corporation”. Berry gave this name “Because Detroit had long been known as the “Motor City”. (Motown Music). Instead of city Berry used town and then combined the words, creating the perfect name for his new record label, Motown. Motown and is soul-based…

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  • Song Analysis: Smokey Robinson

    “Smokey” Robinson. After being turned away by Jackie Wilson’s manager, a dejected Smokey Robinson was heading back to his car and Berry Gordy stopped him and told him he liked the songs they were auditioning (Gordy 90-92, Posner23-25). After more conversation Berry discovered that Smokey had written over 100 songs and Berry ask to look and critique them, leading to a lifelong business and friendship between the two. This meeting would actually lead to the development of Motown Records, with…

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  • Polar Bears: Habitat Description And Niche Characteristics

    and Scientific Name Polar bears are commonly known as polar bears here in English but in French they are known as Ours blanc or Ours polaire and in Spanish polar bears are known as Oso polar. Polar bears can also be called sea bear, ice bear or even white bear. Habitat Description and Niche Characteristics Diet: Polar bears are carnivores and their primary prey are seals. Some seals that polar bears eat are ringed seals, bearded seals and other pinnipeds. Polar bears can be opportunistic in…

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  • Brown Bears Vs Polar Bears

    • Polar bears and brown bears can produce a hybrid offspring • Polar bears evolved from brown bears • The timing of when polar bears first appeared is vital because it determines when they have experienced warm periods with little sea ice historically • Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) – relationships based on differences in a group of genes • The polar bear genome discovered alterations in genes related to the development of the heart, cardiovascular function and lipid metabolism – this is why…

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  • Polar Bear Experiment Hypothesis

    Would there be a difference in the fitness of polar bears due to their fur length in the Artic region? The scientific name of a polar bear is Ursus maritimus, meaning that it is a “marine mammal” (National Wildlife Federation). Even though polar bears do spend time on land, they tend to spend most of their time in the sea, hence why they are considered a “marine mammal”. Their fur is “hollow and reflects light” and this allows for the bear to have white fur phenotype(Lockwood,S.). Not only does…

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