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  • Bus Rapid Transit: Article Analysis

    This article relates to the topic because it discusses fare evasion and smart cards on Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). BRT is an enhanced bus service that offers reliable and quality service that improves travel times, service reliability, and ridership. The overall objective of BRT is to maximize transit through faster travel times than traditional fixed-route bus service. With high travel demands, there will always be fare evaders. Fare evasion usually happens during peak hours, but it can also…

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  • Ignorance In Charlie Gordon's 'Flowers For Algernon'

    though he appears to be happy when he was oblivious that his “friends” were mocking him. He tries to fit in by wanting to ask his doctors, smart people he knows, on how to think. While this sentence is odd in its statement, it is saddening to learn that an innocent, but with mental retardedness, adult will not be introduced into the realm of “normal” and “smart” people he wishes for. The doctor will probably ignore or laugh off Charlie’s question, based off of the fact that he merely did the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Supervisory Control Systems

    It is a cold December evening and the Clarke family just arrived home from a lovely evening dinner at Golden Corral. After taking Oscar for a walk and laying the kids down for the evening, the weather app on Mr. Clarke’s phone pops up with a freeze warning for the rest of the weekend. “Honey, it is going to be a cold one Friday and Saturday night! Don’t forget to turn the thermostat up a few degrees!” After they place their heads on the pillow and turn out the lights, their food coma takes…

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  • Fogg's Impact On The Environment

    consuming would be a good way of creating awareness and motivating them to reduce their energy consumption, which would be a much smaller and achievable goal. Hence, the best technology solution would be an interactive technology, which would be the smart home solution. The success would be…

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  • Analysis Of Smart By Shel Silverstein's Smart

    Smart by Shel Silverstein on page 157 is an enjoyable poem about a naïve child who believes he is more astute than every person he associates with. For example, the child thought he was getting the better deal when he received a dollar and “swapped it for two shiny quarters/ ’Cause two is more than one” (lines 3-4). By choosing quantity over quality the child is displaying a lack of understanding between amount and worth. Silverstein’s lyrical poem, uses repetition, rhyme, meter, and tone of…

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  • Cyber-Security

    security has become an afterthought with the growing demands of smart technology everywhere. Some vendors comply with security standards ISO/IEC 14443 but far too many have proprietary methods of applying…

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  • Caspar Character Analysis

    In the GET SMART series, normally Maxwell Smart and/or Agent 99 would be in some mortal danger and Maxwell Smart would have to outsmart the enemy and get them out of their dilemma. End each of the acts on high tension to maintain the interest of the audience. Another point of confusion is whether or not alien…

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  • Street Smarts

    lean on what they have learned in college, they will begin to develop a sense of "street smarts". An article in the textbook “They say, I Say” there is an article entitled "Hidden Intellectualism”, written by Gerald Graff. The article begins talking about “street smarts” and how most people who are “street smart” do poorly in school. However, this is not always true. Tough times lead to development of street smarts. Here is a college graduate holding a master’s degree, whom has been laid off…

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  • SMART Goals

    that will put forth the overall goals the company wants to achieve. When the strategic plan is taken on, companies are looking to achieve the goals set up in roughly three to five years. SMART goals is the concept the organization should be using to measure the goals that the leaders have set. Each letter in SMART is a unique step to the process. The first letter “S” represents, specific. Specific refers to how employees play a strategic and specific role in order to reach certain goals. The…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of SSO

    which is better known as a federated identity. This paper will discuss some problems that can arise when not having SSO in place, some advantages and disadvantages when using SSO for AD and LADP access and a comparison between Kerberos-based and smart card based SSO. Problems in organizations without SSO implemented When organizations do not have SSO implemented, it can cause some issue for system users. Reports have shown that an…

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