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  • Smart Car Case Study

    1. Comfort: One of the major market driver for smart cars will be comfort. The smart cars will make substantial tasks effort less and will prove as a boon in this busy city life. The mere concept of driverless cars will enable to use the time spent for driving more efficiently. Features such as complete/ partial parking assistance already in use are quite user friendly. 2. Smart grid & Renewable energy: The rapid implementation of smart grids & smart metering coupled with a substantial amount of…

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  • Cause Of Global Climate Change

    solar power stems from solar panels containing qualities that make them incompatible with the energy grid. The first quality solar panels posses that make them incompatible with the energy grid is the type of electricity produced by solar panels does not match up with the type of electricity the grid runs on. The second property that solar panels possess that makes them unsuitable for the energy grid is the variability of the energy generation from solar panels. A research team at the university…

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  • Solar Panels Are The Future Of Energy

    still have a bright light when it gets dark or when the power grid goes down. Its technical features reinforce…

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  • Mid-Cities Cafe Swot Analysis

    crucial requirement for the development of a beneficial marketing strategy in a startup or an established business, as well. Therefore, the marketing consulting firm utilizes this data to prepare both SWOT and competitive analysis for the formulation of SMART goal recommendation to the managerial team of the Mid-Cities Café. Thus, it is imperative to establish background data or information on the noted attributes of the Mid-Cities Café in order to assess any other gathered data. The…

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  • Home Area Network Case Study

    HOME AREA NETWORK: A SECURITY PERSPECTIVE INTRODUCTION: The interconnection of computers within each other and advantage that go with networking has made a road into every household. due to the reduce in pricing of personal computers(pc) and networking hardware has further helped the household person to intake what is popular termed as home area network(HAN) . With the latest version of operating system that are available in market including network wizards that make configuring home area…

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  • Solar Energy In Singapore

    solar PV system is made up of several solar PV panels (arrays) which are series-connected or parallel-connected to generate higher voltage or current. It is comprised of balance-of-system (BOS) components such as an inverter (to convert DC to AC), a smart controller, tracking…

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  • Case Study Of Emera Maine's Corporate Purpose

    advancing solutions that improve the lives of our customers and community. Electricity will be the preferred source of energy” (Emera Maine corporate mission, n.d.). To help meet the corporate mission and vision Emera Maine leverages Smart Grid technology including automated metering and the meter data management system (MDM). Additionally, Emera Maine offers customers educational information related to energy efficiency and electric cars, as well as an online program referred to as…

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  • Non Renewable Energy Essay

    The United States has been dependent on non-renewable fuel sources for many years. Ever since the advent of the coal powered steam engines and the internal combustion engine, fuels such as coal and oil have governed the lives and economy of the majority of Americans. These non-renewable fuels release large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which add to greenhouse gases. These greenhouse gases lead to climate change and many other detrimental effects. According to the IPCC “Most of…

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  • The Four Types Of Electric Vehicles

    The idea for the electric car has been around for several years. EVs, short for electric vehicles, come in four types: the purely battery-operated vehicles, hybrid gas and electric vehicles (plug-in and non-plug-in), and fuel cell operated. These kinds of cars run primarily on electrical power, as opposed to a conventional car that runs on petrol based fuels. Because of this, they are seen as the poster children of green transportation. There has been some debate on whether or not these EVs…

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  • Solar Energy Argumentative Essay

    that constantly has emissions. Not to mention the process of gathering the fossil fuels such as coal is disastrous to the environment. According to Caldeira “Recent analyses suggest that wind and solar power, connected by a continental scale electric grid and using natural-gas power plants to provide backup, could reduce…

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