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  • The Graphs Of Position, Velocity And Acceleration

    distance. The time data and position data in a graph can be use to create a slope of time vs. position.…

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  • Landslide Essay

    range of ground movements, such as deep or shallow failure slopes and rock falls. See figure 1.1. 1.1.1 Factors influence Landslides Landslides occur when the stability of the slope turns from the stable state to unstable state. Most of the Landslides usually cause depend on two main factors: (i) Natural Factors and (ii) Anthropogenic Factors. (USSG, 2004) (i) Natural Factors (a) Geological factors: If the geological conditions of a slope are weak or sensitive materials, jointed, weathered…

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  • Parallel Lines Lab Report

    Lines in Terms of Their Slopes Learning Objective At the end of this class session, you will have well understood about the condition for perpendicular lines in terms of their slopes. Slide 2: Introduction Slope is the ratio of the change in the horizontal distance to the change in the vertical distance. Slide 3: Explanation_1 Area of a Quadrilateral Teacher: Hi students, today we are going to discuss about the condition for perpendicular lines in terms of their slopes. Student: Okay, mam.…

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  • Smart Snow Limited Case Study

    change of ownership, Smart Snow Limited focused exclusively on providing package holidays from the UK to ski resorts in France, Switzerland and Italy. In 2008 it diversified its business to include the operation of a dry ski slope centre in East Anglia in England. Dry slope skiing involves skiing on specially designed plastic matting and offers an opportunity for skiers to practise their skills when no snow is available,…

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  • Soil Erodibility Factor Analysis

    that will reduce the amount and rate of the water runoff and thus reduce the amount of erosion. The P factor represents the ratio of soil loss by a support practice to that of straight-row farming up and down the slope. The most commonly used supporting cropland practices are cross-slope cultivation, contour farming and strip…

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  • Mountain Apolaia Analysis

    of frightening even the bravest of men, skiers know it as the mountain with the toughest slopes on the planet. The slopes are divided in two sections, the slopes of submission and pride slopes. Although both extremely difficult, most men, with the least sense of self-preservation, take the “easiest” slopes, submission slopes. While the more audacious skiers that challenge mother nature, take the pride slopes, which often results in severe injuries and even death. On the base of the mountain, in…

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  • Picket Fence Lab

    fast since the slope changes from small to big. On the other hand, the velocity-time graphs appeared linear and with a constant slope, so the “linear fit” function on Logger Pro was selected to fit a straight line to the data. Its shape was an increasing straight line, which signifies accelerated motion when an object is in free-fall. (See Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 below). Figure 1: The Position-Time graph of the picket fence. Figure 2: The Velocity-Time graph of the picket fence. The slope of the…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Perfect Day For Skiing

    down at the slope, filled with excitement, I imagined myself shredding down the slope with a flurry of snow spraying in my wake. Falling as I got off the chairlift should have put my confidence back in check, but it did not. In retrospect, I should have seen this as a foreboding of what was to come. Off we pushed to the top of the trail Elliot Slope. Completely disregarding everything I had been told about controlling my speed, I went full out, limiting my turns, and racing down the slope.…

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  • Plagiarics: Simulation Of Bike Mechanics

    and 8.5 m/s respectively. The bike travels 50 m in 10 seconds in this Use case. Use case 4: In case 4, I have taken slope of the road as 5 with no wind speed. The bike’s angular speed and measured speed increases linearly from 0 to 21rad/s and 7 m/s respectively. The bike travels 36 m in 10 seconds in this Use case. Use case 5: In case 5, I have taken slope of the road as 10 with no wind speed which got me negative graph so I increased motor and gear torque to 25 N.m and tail…

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  • Heat Of Vaporization Essay

    vaporization of water (40.7 kj/mol). The molar heat of vaporization is the amount of energy required to vaporize one mole of a liquid at one atm and the symbol ∆ Hvap is used. The process by which the molar heat of vaporization is calculated is though the slope of a graph. The volume of…

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