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  • How To Survive The First Semester

    practicing for a sport will start piling up and you will become stressed and depending how atrocious your pile is, sleep deprived. The alarm goes on at 7:00 a.m. and you hit the snooze button, next thing you know it is 7:30 a.m. and you’re late for class. So maybe you fell asleep while reading on how to survive your first semester at UC Merced and never made it to this point. Managing time for sleep for is important to keep up with performance in classes .With that being said while still in high…

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  • A Fantasy Narrative: A Comparison Between Pearl And Jacob

    Pearl and Jacob A Fantasy Narrative Pearl, a cute, fluffy sheepdog, woke up at the crack of dawn. The sun blinded her and sand moved down her smooth, warm fur. She forced herself to sleep thinking it was just too early, but she just couldn’t due to the sounds outside the barn. Her parents were herding the sheep with their loud and fierce barks. It was a very interesting and wonderful sight to see them working. Being a sheepdog is a tough job. The dogs must gather the sheep first, then lead…

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  • Pain In Dreams And Dreaming

    Dreams can be seen as a trip into a fantasy, to relax, or even allow your unconscious to go through with fantasies that your conscious mind may not accept. Yet, sometimes dreams can be terrifying; they can leave you without any idea if what you are seeing is fantasy or reality. I remember, since childhood, of being told, ‘if you punch yourself and don’t feel pain then you’re sleeping’. But what if you pinch yourself and feel it; “...pain can be found in dreams and, thus, the saying that pitching…

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  • My Ghanaian Culture: My Upbringing

    Although I have lived in America for almost all of my life, I grew up in a Ghanaian household, with parents who strived to make sure I never forgot where I came from. As I grew up I learned that my upbringing was not the same as some of my American friends’ upbringing, through different situations, such as the way I interacted with adults, my involvement in social activities, and getting an allowance. In my Ghanaian culture you are not to speak back to an adult; usually what they said goes and…

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  • SES Child Development

    Article I Background It is known that socioeconomic status (SES) impacts both structural and functional brain development in childhood, but before this study, it was never tested how early the signs of impact could be detected. The earliest study of impact tested sixteen to thirty-six-month-old infants in their language and cognitive skills and predicted their language improvement for the next three years (Gou, Choudhury, & Benasich, 2011). Another study observed the effects of low SES by…

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  • Cultural Differences In Co-Sleeping Culture

    Attitudes surrounding co-sleeping vary greatly throughout different cultures, as do the shaping factors for these outlooks. In general, those from individualistic cultures go to great lengths to discourage co-sleeping, citing, possible long-term behavioral and health effects, safety risks and out-of-home child rearing advice as key determining factors in their decision. In contrast, parents from collectivist societies encourage close parental and child sleeping arrangements, naming emotional…

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  • Making A Difference: Childhood Obesity

    Many children nowadays are taking in a lot of stress from schoolwork, social pressure, self-esteem, parental issues, and sleep deprivation. School alone brings a lot of stress to kids, constantly wondering if they’re going to pass and go to the next grade or not. And in school it’s likely for kids to feel pressured to try to fit in with society and make friends. On top of…

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  • Ilusory Memory Analysis

    assignment. There were 40 intrusions and sleep consisted of 27. It is noteworthy that veridical (7.68/12=.64) and illusory recall (.66) probabilities were essentially identical (Roediger et al., 1996, p.106). Consecutive position of the words was related to recollection of the list items with the average being 2.90 for early, 2.27 for middle, and 2.51 for late thirds of the list items. The mean confidence ratings allocated to list words recalled and sleep were significantly different. This data…

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  • Personal Narrative-It's Time To Take A Break

    The fateful day that I decided to keep my anxiety in check began my quest to find the holy grail of knowledge. On my journey, dozens of friends told me that I just needed to take a “break.” They bragged that they grasp this amazing power that allows them to easily shut their teary eyes, calm their beating hearts, and rest their weary heads at night until they felt renew in the morning. As I progress down my quest, I realize that the easiest actions in the world are sometimes the most difficult.…

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  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

    died in their sleep due to an unexplained circumstance. In the United States, the Safe to Sleep Campaign, formerly known as the Back to Sleep Campaign, was founded with the intention of bringing awareness to SIDS rates in the nation and offers preventative methods and suggestions. Some of these interventions include placing the infant on their backs while they sleep, removing objects from the sleeping area, parental avoidance of alcohol, and breastfeeding the infant. The Safe to Sleep Campaign…

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