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  • Cause And Effect Essay On Sleep

    to American academy of sleep medicine (American academy of sleep medicine, 2010), circadian rhythm sleep disorders (CRSD) results from timing when a person is awake and when sleeps. Humans have an internal clocks in the brain called suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN), where primary circadian rhythm help control the body sleep-wake cycle. This circadian clock is set by visual stimulation using light and darkness using the eyes and guides. Some examples of circadian rhythm sleep disorders are…

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  • Sleeping Disorders: The Importance Of Sleep

    Bluntly said, sleep is vital. It allows our body to create a regular circadian rhythm: a 24-hour internal mechanism that controls our sleep and wake cycle, as well as, our eating and drinking, body temperature, and other biological mechanisms. With a proper circadian rhythm, the brain is able to reconstruct an individual’s daily memories and tie together the numerous things he or she has learned throughout the day (Lange, Dimitrov, & Born, 2010). Sleeping enough hours also leads to a stronger…

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  • Nighttime Fatigue Research

    countermeasures of fatigue is largely understudied according to Scott et al. (2010); the effects of extended work hours, time hours worked and the inverse relation to sleep and nursing errors has received little recognition. Furthermore, the problem of night shift fatigue is so prevalent the American Nurses Association (ANA), the Institute of Medicine (IOM), and the Joint Commission have called for fatigue countermeasures to be researched and implemented so nurses can provided the highest level…

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  • Air Conditioning Research Paper

    experience, the optimal air temperature for sleep is approximately sixty-five degrees. The body’s circadian rhythm typically relies on light for its cues to lower body core temperature prior to and during sleep; however, the inverse is equally true where cooler temperatures prompt the body that it is time to sleep. According to The National Sleep Foundation, the sleep cycle consists of ninety-minute sub-cycles, which are further broken into two types of sleep, “NREM” and “REM” (Czeisler para.…

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  • Mouse Grimace Scale Analysis

    Facial expression Langford et al. (2010) created the “mouse grimace scale” which is the first scoring system for facial categorization in rodents and also the firs study of facial expressions of pain in nonhuman specie. This scale was done with an acetic acid constriction test and measures five facial features, adapted from human facial pain expression studies, and scores them with a value where “0” there is no pain present, “1” it is moderately visible and “2” is severe. Finally, each mouse…

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  • The Legal Effects Of Legalization: The Criminalization Of Marijuana

    The Criminalization of Marijuana Since the signing of the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937; the use, sale, and production of marijuana has been made and, for the most part, kept illegal. With all these new studies being done about the plant, many people are beginning to ask why the plant is still illegal. Even more so, people are also beginning to question why it 's still considered a class 1 substance. In order for a drug 's legality to be determined, scientists compare the health benefits…

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  • Jet Lag Research Paper

    desynchronosis. Our bodies have an internal clock which indicates when we must go to sleep and wake up. This “internal clock” is better known as the, circadian rhythms of the body. Circadian rhythms have an effect on the body temperature, sleep and wakefulness, and various hormonal changes. In order for an individual to perform at its highest potential, and be alert, one must keep their circadian rhythms fine-tuned by getting enough sleep. The pineal gland plays a huge role in helping the body…

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  • Sleep And The Evolutionary Theory Of Sleep

    “Sleep is a passive state of unconsciousness, a suspension of our normal bodily activities. It is distinguished from wakefulness by a decreased ability to react to stimuli, but is more easily reversed than the state of hibernation or of being comatose.” People usually go through five (5) stages while sleeping. The first stage is the period of transition between wakefulness and sleepiness, and can be awakened easily. During this stage, the muscles are slowly active and the eyes move slowly. As…

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  • Examples Of Summer Vacation Essay

    was on the fifth floor. Inside the room there was two queen beds in the front. In the middle of the suite there was a kitchen and a large bathroom. There was another door that led to the living room area. Back in this area there was a day bed and a sleep sofa; which led to the balcony. The balcony overlooked the pools and the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Portfolio

    Before I came into college I was a lazy little girl who would do all her homework, and then lay in bed while watching Netflix. I took 4 hour naps a day, if I did not take these naps I would not be able to function throughout the evening. When it comes to my well-being and how I function on a day-to-day life was always a little unsure. I always put everyone else before myself that is always making sure they were all okay while I suffered because I felt like no one was there for me anymore because…

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