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  • Personal Narrative: Running Appears

    Running All scars have a memory to go with them. Some are great tales, some are little stories, and some are just little slips while you are making dinner. But every scar gives the person who has one a story to tell. Running. I remember running. Around the corner. Throught the doorway, trying to find a place to hide.We were playing tag and I thought I could outsmart my sister, Emma, by hiding in the basement. She came down the stairs and started to look for me. It took her a while but she…

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  • Personal Narrative: 15-Year-Old Boy

    Alex is a 15 year old boy his favorite sport is football. Something else he loves riding horses.. His dream is working with horses thats his passion. His mom is always at work . He has an older brother and older sister. One day after school, Alex came home and did his homework.. It was a little bit trouble for him because he didn't understand his homework very good.. Alex was hungry and looked in the refrigerator and he saw some tacos that were leftover from last week. While his mom was…

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  • Personal Narrative: Fracking

    It wouldn’t be too long until I could get out of bed and wake my parents, my four-year old self thought. I was always the first one up at the crack of dawn, but I ended up getting yelled at if I awoke their somber sleep. Once my stomach started growling and gurgling, I decide that it’s time to stampede my mom and dad’s room. The bright sun singed my eyes as it entered through all of the opened windows of my home. Was mom and dad awake already? If they were awake I would have sensed the familiar…

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  • Aunt Sarah's Porch: A Short Story

    Sally and Mrs.Chipley raced to the covering of Aunt Sarah’s porch. Sally told Mrs.Chipley,”I am not walking in there,” “Well it’s too late now,” Mrs.Chipley said,”We’re already on her porch,and she is ready for you,and,I’m ringing the bell.” she said it playfully but Sally didn’t hear her cause she was too dejected. “Come in, come in, welcome!” Aunt Sarah looked so delighted that it almost made Sally joyful, almost. The next day Aunt Sarah told Sally that her parents’ trip was extended for…

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  • Comparing Virginia And John American Monologue

    a dark, moonlight night, after the first long drink of mine after a length of abstinence. My eyelids were drooping so much my vision was forced to blur from the heaviness of my lids. My eyes were resting on the hammocks below my eyes. I needed to sleep yet my stories they would haunt me each night. I hear the beating heart below my floorboards, the scratching on the walls, and the endless calls of crows outside my vision. I thought I could get away from it all. I thought I could, but I couldn’t.…

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  • Monster-Personal Narrative

    snoring begins. My family is asleep, and it is I who is left awake in the cold breeze of the night. I close my eyes, and try to get some sleep. The creek of the closet door wakes me up. I turn over to look. The fear strikes me like getting impaled by a metal rod. “It is but only the wind,” I tell myself. I close my eyes once more, and I doze off into a deep sleep. I quickly emerge back into reality with the sense of a presence near my bed frame. I roll over and I see him. Standing over me like…

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  • Summary Of Tatar's Goodnight Moon

    In Goodnight Moon, Tatar uses objects that are familiar to kids to provide a “protected precinct” for the readers, and more importantly, through them Tatar endorses connectivity through repetition, doubling and mirroring, introduces the element of the vertiginous. The framed portraits of the cow and three bears serve to introduce fantasy into ordinary life by taking the readers into the exterior space and back to the interior space. Tatar described a lot of paired objects. For example, socks are…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Virginia Minstrels

    The old man’s neighbor said he heard a scream in the middle of the night, “I was sleeping and I had a bad dream, I woke up and went to get some water when I heard a terrible scream, I wasn't sure who it was from, but it sounded so eerie in the middle of the night that I had to call the police.” The schizophrenic dismembered the old man’s limbs and still tried to convince himself he was sane, as he said that, “If still you think me mad, you will think so no longer when I describe the wise…

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  • Lord Of The Flies Epilogue Analysis

    Epilogue Ralph looked back at the island. What was an uninhabited island with green vivid forests with sharp mountains and sparkling beaches was all now a large pile of burnt ash, spewing out smoke like a fountain spewing out water. As they boarded the ship, all the boys scrambled on quickly except Jack. He seemed to make a great effort, step by step to approach the ship. A sailor stepped down and extended his hand to help him. Jack seemed eager to take his hand. All the while, Jack kept…

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  • Reflective Essay On Florida

    there and I could barely wait to see the ocean! I had never been there, and when we pulled into Daytona the air is what woke me up. It was so different, so new and sharp. We arrived at our house around 6:00 in the morning. I had barely gotten any sleep during the 17 hour trip, but that didn’t matter. As soon as we stopped the car, I jumped out to get a better view. I was literally pushing my siblings and tripping over my own feet! My mom gave me one of those Don’t-…

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