Skin anatomy

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  • Malignant Melanoma Case Study

    initial gene mutation3. Malignant melanoma is a skin cancer whereby the cancer initiates in cells named melanocytes3. Ultra-violet radiation (UVR) is thought to be the main cause of melanoma4, especially when in combination with endogenous susceptibilities such as genetic predispositions5. Skin structures The skin is…

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  • Disadvantages Of Proniosomes Essay

    increases the stability of entrapped drug as they are stable. * Handling and storage of niosomal formulation requires no special conditions. *Niosomes improves oral bioavailability of the drugs and enhances the permeation of the drugs through the skin because of the presence of surfactants. *They help in reaching the target site of action by various routes such as oral, parenteral,ocular ,nasal as well as topical routes such as transdermal drug delivery. *Niosomes are non toxic…

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  • Essay On Holistic Nursing Care

    that must be assessed and tended to accordingly. Because as the largest organ of the body the skins care is vital to maintain temperature, provide protection from invading organisms, and responding to sensory information, it deserves specific observations to sustain vital functioning. I have observed the risks of impaired…

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  • Menstrual Cup History

    Menstrual cup is a professional medical standard silicone designed just like a bell which is convenient. It certainly positioned inside the vagina for the period of menstruation to catch menstrual fluids (blood) , and can be used all through the day as well as the night . The complete menstrual cups are detached from the vagina, emptied into the toilet or perhaps sink, cleansed and re-inserted (washing hands and fingers with soap before doing this is extremely important). Towards the end of the…

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  • Difference Between Clean And Clear And Listerine

    ingredients, I saw that it was an all natural lotion, infused with colloidal oatmeal and other active naturals and the best part was it was “clinically” proven to relieve dry skin. The product has unique features; a light texture formula, a fresh feel yet not strongly scented, and most importantly, it is quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving it smooth, hydrated, and…

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  • Analysis On Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun

    Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun As someone who has always felt the need to be tanned (because it makes me feel better about myself) I've tried a lot of different methods... 1. Natural sun: baby oil, olive oil, no oil then shower then put oil on to lock the sun in, beer, reflective sheet, laying by water, floating in water, some SPF, no SPF, etc 2. Tanning beds: cheap tanning lotions, expensive lotions, no lotion, those that tingle, those that don't, mixing up to 7 different lotions because…

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  • Essay On Abscesses

    An abscess is a pus filled pocket or blister within the skin that may be caused by a number of different reasons such as; a sebaceous gland or sweat gland becomes obstructed, a hair follicle or a group of hair follicles becomes inflamed, or minor breaks and punctures in the skin allow bacteria to invade causing redness, warmth, pain, inflammation, and pus formation. This disturbance of the skin is no stranger to history as there have been documented cases of abscesses from before the Roman era…

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  • How To Be A Dermatologist Essay

    Dermatologist Salary The many hours you’ve spent in their office have probably gotten you to thinking about a dermatologist’s salary every once or twice. A dermatologist is the person responsible for the good health of your skin and this is probably one of the most important around you and for some makes you consider the idea of becoming one yourself. With the importance and numerous things they do it may pose the question, how much does a dermatologist make? Essentially a dermatologist’s…

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  • Acne Persuasive Speech

    look at the fabric and sigh at the sight of bloodspots. What is Acne? Acne vulgaris, or acne for short, is a common chronic skin disease that…

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  • Resilient Flooring Essay

    In today’s high end resilient flooring is the ideal produce choice for homes of contemporary or traditional style active households or busy working adults who do not have the time to clean and maintain their floor regularly. Resilient flooring, also known as vinyl flooring, offers an array of designs and colors to best meet your dream of what exactly you want and create your desirable look with a little imagination. Vohringer high end vinyl floor is resilient, versatile, beautiful and…

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