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  • Sinus Relief Blend Case Study

    1. Living Pure Essential Oils Sinus Relief Blend Living Pure Essential Oil Sinus Relief Blend can effectively open up your sinuses in a short period of time. This blend is effective for easing any of the following sickness, like allergies, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis and colds. It is an anti-allergenic chest rubs opens sinuses and reduces nasal congestions. This is a natural and undiluted essential oil that contains no toxins, additives or fillers. The manufacturers recommend that the user…

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  • Essay On Treating Acne

    How to Remove Acne Acne is a dreadful skin condition that usually occurs at the worse times in life. Acne happens because of the hair follicles that become clogged with oil and dead skin cells. You can appear on your face, back, shoulders and chest areas. Treating this condition can be costly and irritating due to their persistent nature. The pimples and bumps tend to heal in their own sweet time. Just as you think you have it licked, here comes another one. Acne doesn't just affect…

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  • Essay On Epidermis

    The functions of the skin are protection, body temp regulation, blood resevior, excretion, metabolic functions, and cutaneous sensations. The skin is composed of two distinct regions: epidermis and dermis. The epidermis is composed of epithelial cells and is the outermost protective shield of the body. The epidermis is a keratinized stratified squamous epithelium consisting of 4 distinct cell types (keratinocytes, melanocytes, Merkel cells, and Langerhans’ cells) and 4-5 distinct layers. The…

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  • Tourmaline Gemstone Informative Speech

    fixed in ring, necklace, pendant or bracelet. However, while wearing this gemstone ; just keep this in mind that the stone should be embedded in the ring, necklace or any other form of jewelry in such a way so that it comes in regular contact with the skin of its user to emancipate its excellent energies in the life of a human…

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  • Benefits Of AG Hair Shampoo

    continuously scratching and itching your scalp. But, luckily, the solution of dandruff starts and ends with your shower every day. You don’t have to suffer anymore, as the list mentioned above is your easy access to everything that is the enemy of dry & flaky skin, and fights off dandruff easily. Make this list your go-to for finding out the right products that you want to use on your scalp. Each and every shampoo that has been mentioned above is chosen after extreme consideration and…

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  • Benefits Of Castor Oil

    20-Known Benefits of Castor Oil for Skin, Hair and other Health Supplement Castor Plant (Ricinus Communis) and Gandharva Hasta in Ayurveda has versatile use in skin care and hair care apart from lubricant in industrial use. Castor oil is extract from Castor seeds and is popular as alternative medicine. It is affordable and available in e-stores, herbal stores and retail oil stores. When comes to skin and hair care it is an important ingredient in herbal hair care and skin care products. It is…

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  • What Is Soap And Detergent Essay

    Detergent is, “ a water-soluble cleansing agent that combines with impurities and dirt to make them more soluble and differs from soap in not forming a scum with the salts in hard water” ( Detergent 2018 ). Both soap and detergent are both cleaners for skin, clothes, or other materials. Soap is mainly made up of reacting a fat or oil with a base. Detergents are mainly made up of a mixture of dry powder products and liquids along with sanitizers…

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  • Arguments Against Animal Testing

    Animal Testing Animal testing is a controversial issue that has been occurring in the United States for many years. Over 100 million animals are used for every year for chemical, drug, food, and cosmetic testing. These animals are kept in poor living conditions and experience pain and suffering. Animal testing is wrong and unethical and alternative methods exist that could help prevent this testing. The way animal testing is exercised in America today is inhumane. Everyday hundreds of…

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  • Pressure Ulcer Essay

    One of the largest is age. 70% of pressure ulcers occur in the geriatric population. This population has a decreased water content of their skin, contributing to the skin being less elastic and breaking. This population is less mobile, some in wheelchairs. The decrease in activity leads to the development of pressure ulcers. Malnutrition is another risk factor. The risk of developing a pressure ulcer is…

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  • Persuasive Plastic Surgery Speech

    However, with progressions in skin-care, you can chip in in the way aging affects your skin and perhaps even get back to the way you appeared not so long ago. Thermage is a confirmed, exceptional radiofrequency treatment that can help improve the appearance of drooping or slack skin, giving you a glibber, smoother and younger look and feel. It works in just one treatment with petite downtime and delivers…

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