Skeletal system

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  • The Muscular System

    important system in our body? We have 17 systems in our body. The muscular system controls walking, talking, sitting, standing, eating and other daily functions that people constantly perform. It also helps maintain posture and circulate blood and substances through the body, among other functions. The muscular system is associated with the activities of the legs, arms and other things, muscles also control facial expressions, movements and respiration. There are three types of muscles,…

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  • Essay On Muscle Contraction

    “A muscle is a tissue composed of cells or fibres, the contraction of which produces movement in the body.” (Dictionary) There are three different types of muscle; voluntary skeletal muscle, involuntary smooth muscle and cardiac muscle. Muscles have many different functions within the body. One function of muscle is movement. It is the only tissue in the body which is able to contract and therefore can move more than other body parts. Another function is the maintenance of posture. The muscles…

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  • The Muscular System In The Human Body

    Muscular system: Major functions The muscular system function is that it allows movement of body parts, and works with skeletal system to help us move. Major muscles types : There are many muscles in the muscular system. Some are skeletal, smooth, and cardiac muscle. The skeletal muscle, smooth muscle, and cardiac muscle can stretch and contract, but they complete different functions. The skeletal muscle is attached to your skeleton by strong, springy tendons or is directly connected to rough…

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  • HCSMA Case Studies

    Vatassery GT, 2001). Dietary deficiency and malnutrition will be the result of the lack of feeding, these can lead to other physical health problems such as poor skin and coat quality, dental hygiene problems, stunted growth, and compromised immune system. The pups affected with hereditary canine spinal muscular atrophy will be likely to stop growing from the lack of nutrients its body receive to support its…

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  • Essay On Stem Cells

    science because of their aid in helping us to gather new facts about the human body. Therefore, to completely understand how these cells affect our bodies, one must first be aware of the different types of muscles, which include skeletal, cardiac, and smooth muscles. Skeletal muscle is a muscle that is connected to the skeleton, while cardiac muscle, also called myocardial, is the muscular tissue of…

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  • Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Research Paper

    homeostasis in the body is Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy or DMD. DMD is an X-linked disorder caused by mutations of the human gene that produces a dystrophin protein, which help produce muscle fibers. The lack of this protein causes weakens of cardiac and skeletal muscle fiber. This protein is necessary for…

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  • Muscles In The Human Body Movement

    to the bones of the skeletal system, in a human body there are “700 individual muscles that make up part of a person’s weight and the muscular system. Each of these muscles are separate organ which are made up of skeletal tissues, nerves, blood vessels and muscle tissues. Muscle tissues are found throughout the human body, inside the heart, the blood vessels and the digestive organs. There are three type of muscle tissue found in the human body, smooth, cardiac and the skeletal muscle tissue.…

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  • Actinin-3 Essay

    Alpha-actinin-3 is a protein that is encoded by the “athletic gene”, ACTN3, in humans. ACTN3 is located at the long arm of chromosome 11 and encodes for the expression of alpha-actinin-3 protein in fast glycolytic muscle fibers. Fast glycolytic fibers, or type IIb, are responsible for the generation of rapid forceful contractions. There are some individuals who do not have a working version of this gene, which causes the muscle protein to not be created. These individuals are said to have the…

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  • Muscle Contraction Research Paper

    Skeletal muscles are made of three different muscle fiber types. All muscle fibers are having varying amounts of mitochondria in them. Mitochondria helps the muscle be able to manufacture ATP for contraction. To differentiate between the three muscles is based on their make up. Slow oxidative (SO) or type one muscle fibers are composed with the most mitochondria to help them be fatigue resistant. SO muscle fibers stain the darkest because the enzyme targeted by the stain is most abundant in this…

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  • Research Paper On Vascular Anomalies

    (Hill et. al 2016). However, in multiunit smooth muscles, the muscle cells function as independent units because there are few, if any, gap junctions (Hill et. al 2016). This would be used to describe a large artery or vein (Hill et. al 2016). Like skeletal muscles, smooth muscles use the contractile proteins actin (thin filament) and myosin (thick filament); however, these proteins are not arranged into sarcomeres, so the cells do not appear striated. These thin and thick filaments interact…

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