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  • Suicidal Client Reflection Paper

    Client was well groomed with an average build. She was able to attain stable eye contact, her speech was clear and her activity was average. She did maintain normal body postures and her facial expressions matched the feelings she was verbally expressing. Patient denied experiencing delusions, hallucinations, self-abusive behavior, or aggressiveness. Her thought process was logical but her mood was anxious. She had full affect and her behavior was cooperative. She did not have any cognitive…

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  • South Korea Essay

    Great changes in culture and advancements in technology in short spans of time, staying strong under less than friendly circumstances. That is the Modus Operandi of South Korea, despite the nation’s relatively young age, and conditions of coming into existence; it is a major Asian power. Prosper in the face of adversity, with the odds stacked against you, when no one expects you to. Seeing where something comes from can shed light on how it became the way it is. When someone or something is…

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  • The Joseon Dynasty

    by Dangun. [1] Gojoseon, referred to as The Old Joseon, began the creation of the Proto-Three Kingdom period consisting of three small kingdoms known as Goguryeo, Baekje, and Silla.[2] Silla gained power through significant aid from China and ultimately conquered most of the peninsula by 668 C.E. to create the Unified Silla period. [2]…

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  • Wang Kon Analysis

    The Effects of Wang Kon’s Ten Inductions from Goryeo Until the End of Joseon Although the Goryeo dynasty (918-1392) and Wang Kon (r. 918-943) is separated from modern Korea by hundreds of years. Nearing his death, Wang Kon wrote the ten injunctions as a set of instructions to ensure the continuation of the dynasty; however, there are still remaining aspects of this dynasty through stories and even the organization of cities. Specifically, the concept of geomancy has survived through revolutions…

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  • Race And Racism In 'Brown Girl, Brownstones And Citizen An American Lyric'

    The novels “The Bluest Eye” by Toni Morrison, “Brown Girl, Brownstones” by Paule Marshall and “Citizen An American Lyric” by Claudia all are different books that tell different stories and written by different people, but one thing all 3 of these book share in common is a very old but important social issue which is Race and Racism. The way these authors use their topics as a subdivision of the theme or a social issue so that their main point becomes more clear and understandable is very…

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  • The Path To Sokkuram Summary

    different things to different people. When Hass visits the giant Buddha, he finds it overwhelmingly peaceful, and imagines it to be focusing on that peace, and on freedom. After a while, he notices a sign that says that the Buddha is actually guarding the Silla kingdom from marauding Japanese pirates. He finds this mildly amusing at first, another peace of propaganda from the older generation, but eventually he realises that both his and the older…

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  • Ethnic Group Synthesis Essay

    Faction wars began in the 3rd century, with three primary Kingdoms vying for power: Goguryeo, Baekje, and Silla. The Silla Kingdom was able to successfully conquer the other two kingdoms, and drove out all of the Chinese Tang Dynasty forces, unifying the Korean Peninsula for the first time, in 676. Although this unification led to rapid economic growth and prosperity…

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  • Horserider Theory

    Plenty of archaeological evidences are suggesting a strong connection between Korean peninsula and Japan in early Yamato state period. Then comes the interesting question, why and how the connection was build. Different explanations were forged and debates are fierce given limited information during that period. One very influential one called Horserider theory argues that Korean people invaded Japanese islands where no state is presented and bring them advanced political, cultural, material and…

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  • Mcdonald's Murder Case Study

    Donald not help but target people who were near to him. During the same time as Dianne Nelly asking Donald for money he was busy killing and torturing a 13 year old named Kim Ghelkins. Donald had asked Kim to have sexual relations with him and she had denied. So therefore, Donald lost his temper as usual and repeated his past actions once again. One night in 1975, two men, Johnny Knight and Dennis Bellamy thought it would be a fun idea to break into Donald’s auto shop. Donald killed the two men…

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  • Colombian Political Comedy

    nature’ are the pointed out by Federico Arango, co-founder of the mainstream fake news website Actualidad Panamericana; Esteban París, in-house political cartoonist at El Colombiano; and Juanita León, director and founder of the political website La Silla…

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