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  • A Film Review of Shrek Essay

    A Film Review of Shrek Shrek is an animated film, created by DreamWorksâ„¢ and brought to life by state of the art 3d animation. Shrek is made in all ways to reverse fairytale tradition and is a very unconventional fairytale. There are many parts of the film and characteristics of the main characters that make the irregularity of this fairytale funny and effective. Although the fairy tale is an unconventional one its opens like a traditional fairytale film. There is a big book with elaborate text and the words are being narrated to the audience, like it would if the story was actually being read out loud. This small part of the film is rudely stopped by a character who rips the page of this book…

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  • Inversion Stereotypes In Shrek Two

    Shrek Two is a popular 3D animated comedy film that was released in 2004, by Andrew Adamson, Conrad Vernon and Kelly Asbury starring an ogre called Shrek whose recently been married to a princess and has returned to her kingdom to meet the in-laws. It gains its effectiveness through the use of anachronisms, intertextual references and the inversion stereotypes. To begin with, one of the ways Shrek 2 gains its effectiveness from the use of anachronisms. An anachronism is something out of place,…

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  • Shrek Fairy Tale Analysis

    Shrek: A Grotesque Fairytale From the first scene in Shrek, released in 2001, one can clearly expect a series of cynicism and crude humor embedded in a fairy tale. Dreamworks reinvents the tradition pattern of fairy tale happy endings by creating the most bizarre creature: Shrek. The hideous character was first introduced in William Steig 's book published in 1990, and according to critics, Steig 's version of Shrek is more confident and upbeat than the pessimistic and cynical version…

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  • Froggy Short Story

    Froggy asked Panda if he could hear a faint flapping sound coming closer and closer to them. “I do,” Panada said super quietly. Panda and Froggy started shivering and they found themselves hugging each other on the ground. Slowly, both Panda and Froggy heard the sound come closer and closer. Suddenly, a whole colony of bats came flying past them and out the door. Panda was banging his chest while screaming and Froggy was burping while shrieking. Out of nowhere, the bats came back and chased…

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  • Short Story: Never Piss Off Pikachu !

    Omake #1: Never Piss Off Pikachu! Cardin glances down at a familiar, yellow rodent as he squeaked innocently at the Huntsman. The arrogant teen smirked smugly. "How cute, a mutated rodent wants to take me on? Ha! Don’t make me laugh." The Pokémon glared sharply at his cocky attitude. "How about you run along you oversized battery charger before I sick my pet cat on you. Or better yet, do me a favor and charge my Scroll. I could always need a backup charger." An anime vein throbbed on the…

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  • Animal Farm Squealer Character Analysis

    Squealer There are a few interesting characters in the novel animal farm, like Boxer, but squealer is my favorite. Squealer has a plausible tongue that could convince anyone to do anything. In addition to being very convincing he is equally clever and has a quick mind. Though squealer is the antagonist he is my favorite because he could persuade a nun out of her panties within a few minutes. In the novel the others said that squealer could, “turn black into white” meaning he could sway…

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  • Gender In Disney Movies Essay

    definition of hetero- romantic and heterosexuality is way different than years ago. Today people express love and sexuality openly no matter what age the listeners are. Relieving The Invisible About G-rated Disney Movies Once upon a time Fiona married Lord Farquaad and Shrek married an ogre, Cinderella didn’t fit into the glass slipper,…

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  • Theme Of Social Psychology In Shrek

    A Social Psychology Approach to the Movie Shrek There are varying social psychology theories of the self that are evident throughout the movie Shrek. In this paper, I will give a summary of the plot of the movie Shrek and examine six important concepts of self, highlight how the character Shrek demonstrates all six important concepts of self. The six concepts of self that will I will examine are: self-esteem, self-deprecating, introspection, salience, stereotype threat and downward social…

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  • Dualism And Reality In Shrek

    In the film, Shrek is perceived as ugly, philosophers often wonder what defines someone or something as ugly. In the movie the citizens not only see Shrek’s appearance as ugly, but his mannerisms. He is dirty, rude and careless, the complete opposite of the ordinary villagers. Due to Shrek being seen this way it is understandable that this is how he would act. Throughout the film viewers begin to see the different sides of Shrek that the villagers would never imagine he could possibly have. In…

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  • The Film Shrek: A True Hero

    Although most audiences find that the film “Shrek” is just a comical film, it is rather more that that. The film actually fulfils the requirements needed to prove that Shrek is indeed a hero that is being represented. The film “Shrek” is a 2001 computer-animated fantasy-comedy film that is initially based on Steig (1990) fairy tale picture book. Shrek has all the characteristics of the hero archetype, even though he is not the typical good-looking masculine hero depicted in most stories for…

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