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  • What Role Did Women Play In Native American Culture

    The earliest inhabitants of America were hunter gatherers who migrated from Asia between 40,000 and 25,000 B.C.E. They adapted quickly to the environment. Their population grew to about 45 million in 1492 (Christopher Columbus arrived in America) and they were situated in the valleys of the Andes. Tribes of Native Americans spread across the land, depending on nature for food and shelter. In California, the mild climate meant that tribes there had plenty to eat, unlike the extremely dry Great…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Most Important Reason For Arts In Schools

    Going to my arts classes on school always was my favorite part of the day. I got a break from the day while still practicing a skill. Take band for example, you get an entire period of playing music, that 's insanely awesome. Band is not the only class like this, there are many others of the same nature. Some examples are art, dance, and drama and all of their respective specifics. Some people think that these "extra" classes are not beneficial in any way to the wellbeing of a student. That…

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  • Who Is Sacagawea A Hero

    animals that were edible to eat. Lastly, she showed several acts of heroic actions that were critical for the expedition. Sacagawea also know as the birdwoman served as an interpreter and guide for the expedition. She knew landmarks and where the Shoshone tribes would be located. She is also known as the woman on the $1 coin to honor her memory in The United States. In conclusion, Sacagawea was a key importance to the expedition and some things could not be possible without her. To begin…

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  • Native American History Research Paper

    The European settlers of North America irreversibly changed the way Native Americans lived. These settlers brought different ideologies, convictions, religion and diseases, to the Indigenous peoples. There were frequent clashes between the settlers and the Natives over land rights and usage, religious and cultural differences, and, especially, broken treaties (Calloway 3). Some tribes embraced the new ideas and began to incorporate them into their own culture, while other tribes rejected them…

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  • Imprest Bank Case Study

    a) The Vault Cashier will decide when a transfer of funds shall be made to/from the vault. b) The proper form will be prepared showing the amount of monies that shall be transferred to/from the vault. All transfers will be documented with a vault receipt. On the vault receipt, a reason will be noted on the vault transfer. c) The transfers of the monies take place. d) The vault cashier makes the appropriated entry to the daily cash summary report and/or vault reconciliation. e) The vault must be…

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  • Comparing Lewis And Clark

    When delving into history books, two prominent names stand out and are universally known. Those two names are Lewis and Clark. While both gentlemen have a background in the military, they are predominately known for their historic expedition along the Mississippi River to the Coast of Oregon in what is widely known as the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Their achievements would later be used to argue that the U.S owned the Pacific Northwest while the expedition also paved the way westward for…

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  • Compare And Contrast Lewis And Clark

    Lewis proceeded to follow Jefferson’s orders and traveled to Pittsburgh. From here he set out to Clarksville, which is in present day Indiana. Here is where he met up with William Clark. When Lewis was serving in the army, he had served in a rifle company commanded by Clark. Clark took along with him his African-American slave, York. The first winter was brutal for Lewis and Clark. They spent the winter at Camp Dubois on the east bank of the Mississippi River where much of their vegetation died…

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  • Franklin Minute Men

    One other crucial task that was done in Franklin that provides the town as a representation of other settlements in the valley was the type of protection that was used to protect the settlers. While the main valley militia unit was stationed in Logan, each settlement, including Franklin had their own group of minute men. In Franklin, the minute men were composed of all able-bodied men who were capable of being ready in the event of danger, and each man in the militia had his own horse and rifle.…

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  • Essay On Death Valley

    Death Valley was discovered by a party of pioneers heading to California in 1849. Prior to their discovery the Timbisha Shoshone Indians had lived in the area for centuries. The first white settlers in the area where Andrew Laswell and Cal Mowery and where the first to use irrigation for crops in the area. Mining began in Death Valley after the discovery of silver and many boomtowns started to appear in the area. The mining lasted for about a century, but many of the mines did not produce high…

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  • The Jeffersonian Era

    The social elements between 1800-1824 were mainly affected by the relationship of the American Indians and Thomas Jefferson during the time known as the Jeffersonian Era. Thomas Jefferson believed that even though Indian societies were inferior to Western culture, they still had a very primitive nobility that he thought was worthy of respect (Keene, 202). He was very optimistic in the future American- Indian relationships because of his belief in the Enlightenment. All Jefferson wanted the…

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